Lactose have the right to be broken down right into galactose and also glucose through the enzyme known as ___.

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The most important quality of one enzyme is its ___., shape.
A protein whose shape has actually been adjusted due to warm or harsh chemicals is well-known as a(n) ____ protein.denatured
Organic catalysts are known as ___., enzymes
An enzyme ____ a chemistry reaction without being changed itself.speeds up (this also applies to catalysts in general)
Enzymes are almost always make of ____., proteins (although part enzymes are actually made of RNA)
The chemical or chemicals the an enzyme works on is dubbed the ___., substrate
The part of the enzyme the the substrate fits into is called the site
The chemical procedure in which molecule are damaged down in the human body is recognized as ___.catabolism,
The chemical process in which larger molecules are built up is known as ___.anabolism,
The sum of every catabolic and anabolic reaction in the body is known as ___.metabolism,
Five points that can affect how well an enzyme works space ___., temperature, concentration, pH, inhibitors, and mutations in the DNA the codes for the enzyme
A(n) _____ is any type of substance that speeds up a chemical reaction there is no being provided up.catalyst
What does "A" in this graph represent?, Energy the activation there is no an enzyme present,
What walk "B" in this graph represent?, The lowered energy of activation as result of an enzyme being present,
The letter "A" to represent a(n) ____ because that this enzyme., active site,
The letter "B" to represent a(n) ____., enzyme,
The letter "C" to represent a(n) ____., substrate,
The molecules labeling "A" are recognized as the _____., reactants,
The molecules labeling "C" are well-known as the _____., products,
This graph shows just how potential energy transforms over the food of an _____ chemistry reaction., exothermic,
The difference in energy in between A and B is dubbed the ____., activation power (a.k.a. Power of activation),
The reactant on i m sorry an enzyme functions is called the _____.substrate
The lot of power that reactants need to absorb before a chemistry reaction will start is called the ____.

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activation energy
True or False: breaking bonds publication energy.False (Breaking bonds always requires energy. The development of bonds releases energy)
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