Epik High is no coming back empty-handed as the hip-hop trio will sell overwhelming surprises t...

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Epik High will overcome the stages and also music mirrors again through announcing their new music and also upcoming phibìc America Tour.

adhering to their recent single Rain Song, Epik High will have a lot an ext to sell as the trio prepares because that their official grand return in the public"s eye. As they soar greater under william Morris Endeavor, Epik High members — Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz — will bloom even much more in 2022.

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~ above October 14, Epik High to reduce the lucky urban that will see the act carry out again as component of their North America Tour next year.

beginning March 1, the hip-hop team will grace significant cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, brand-new York, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, las Vegas, and Dallas. Overall, the trio will visit 29 different places in America to begin hip-hoping again.

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Ticket appointments for the Epic High Is Here in phibìc America will start on October 15.

Meanwhile, your agency, ours Co, revealed the the concert would very first return to oriental stages starting this December in ~ the Seoul Olympic Park"s Olympic Hall. The tickets because that the shows in Seoul have the right to be purchased v Interpark Ticket.

Epik High to Drop much more Music


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as well as the 2022 phibìc America Tour, Epik High will drop their new single top top October 25, confront ID. More details will be post on the members" society media account in the next couple of weeks.

In addition, the group will give their fans the highly-anticipated second part of your album. Epic High Is right here 下 (Part 2) following year. It will serve together the successor of Epik High Is below 上 in February. The album invited CL, ZICO, B.I. CHANGMO, and also Woo as the group"s key collaborators. The whole 10 tracks offer the story of people"s reflection and growth when reminding the listener to go beyond their abilities.

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prior to the amazing announcements, Epik High recently mutual a collaborative solitary with korean singer-songwriter Colde, Rain Song. The trio"s frontman Tablo an initial revealed the new song on June 22 prior to its main release one main later. Younha (a longtime Epik High collaborator) and also Docksim (BTS collaborator) aided them top top the brand-new single.

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