Executive Board

James Thorman ’10 – Co-President; Director, Speaker Series & Idea Factory; jthorman at princeton.edu
Nikhil Basu Trivedi ’11 – Co-President; Director, Alumni Outreach; nikhil at princeton.edu
Breanden Beneschott ’11 – Vice President; Director, Business Development; bbensesch at princeton.edu
Kevin Fan ’09 – Vice President; kfan at princeton.edu
Career Outreach
Jeff Cole ’11 – Co-Director, Career Outreach; jmcole at princeton.edu
Matt Hale ’11 – Co-Director, Career Outreach; mhale at princeton.edu
Anand Krishnamurthy ’11 – Co-Director, Career Outreach; akrishna at princeton.edu
Okan Okutgen ’11 – Co-Director, Competitions; ookutgen at princeton.edu
Leah Cohen-Shohet ’12 – Co-Director, Competitions; leahcs at princeton.edu
Poshak Agrawal ’12 – Director, Curriculum; poshak at princeton.edu
Onder Polat ’12 – Co-Director, Curriculum; hpolat at princeton.edu
Rafi Romero ’11 – Co-Director, Curriculum; rgromero at princeton.edu
Jason Baum ’11 – Director, Environmental Entrepreneurship; jbaum at princeton.edu
Vijay Chetty ’12 – Treasurer; vchetty at princeton.edu
Andrew Gwozdz ’11 – Director, Web Development; agwozdz at princeton.edu
Public Relations
Danielle Cohen-Shohet ’12 – Director, Public Relations; danics at princeton.edu
Pietro Rea ’11 – Co-Director, Public Relations; prea at princeton.edu
Tony Xiao ’12 – Co-Director, Public Relations; tonyx at princeton.edu



Join Us

If you would like to get involved in The Princeton Entrepreneurship Club, please come to our workshops and events or contact us. In early Spring we start recruiting enthusiastic and driven individuals to help make The E-Club a success in the coming year.