Im" obtaining an error once deploying an artifact in my own repository in a Nexus server: "Failed come deploy artifacts: can not deliver artifact" "Failed come transfer document http:///my_artifact. Return password is: 400"

I have actually Nexus running v one tradition repository my_repo through the following maven neighborhood configuration:


my_repo user happen ... my_repo Repo winter * user has permissions come create/read/write into my_repo -pom.xml

my_repo my_repo default snapshots Snapshots and then ns execute

mvn deployand gain the error. Any kind of idea?


A pair things I deserve to think of:

user credentials room wrongurl to server is wronguser does not have accessibility to the deployment repositoryuser does no have access to the particular repository targetartifact is currently deployed v that version if the is a release (not -SNAPSHOT version)the repository is not an ideal for deployment of the respective artifact (e.g. Relax repo for photo version, proxy repo or team instead that a hosted repository)

Check those and if girlfriend still run into trouble provide much more details here.


Just to create a separate answer. The price is actually uncovered in a comment because that the embraced answer.

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Try changing the variation of your artefact to finish with -SNAPSHOT.


400 bad Request will certainly be changed if you effort to:

Deploy a snapshot artifact (or version) finishing in -SNAPSHOT to a release repositoryDeploy a release artifact (version not finishing in -SNAPSHOT) come a snapshot repositoryDeploy the same variation of a release artifact an ext than once to a release repository

Cause of problem for me to be -source.jars was obtaining uploaded double (with maven-source-plugin) as mentioned as among the reason in embraced answer. Redirecting to answer that i referred:Maven relax plugin stops working : source artifacts gaining deployed twice


I had actually this exact problem today and also the difficulty was that the variation I was trying to release:perform was already in the Nexus repo.

In my case this to be likely due to a network disconnect throughout an earlier invocation of release:perform. Even though I lost my connection, it shows up the relax succeeded.

In the rare event that you have to redeploy the exact same STABLE artifact come Nexus, it will fail through default. If you then delete the artifact from Nexus (via the internet interface) because that the function of deploying the again, the deploy will certainly still fail, because just removing the e.g. Seasoned or pom does no clear other records still laying roughly in the directory. You must log top top the box and also delete the brochure in the entirety.

I had actually the same problem today through the enhancement "Return password is: 400, ReasonPhrase: poor Request." i m sorry turned out to be the "artifact is already deployed v that variation if that is a release" difficulty from answer above enter attach description here

One solution not pointed out yet is to configure Nexus to allow redeployment into a release repository. Possibly not a ideal practice, due to the fact that this is collection for a reason, girlfriend nevertheless could go come "Access Settings" in your Nexus repositories´ "Configuration"-Tab and collection the "Deployment Policy" come "Allow Redeploy".

"-SNAPSHOT" : is really important
Ensure that no exists currently (artifact and version) in nexus (as release). In that case return negative Request.

For 400 error, inspect the repository "Deployment policy" usually its "Disable redeploy". Most of the time your library version is currently there the is why you got a message "Could not placed put "https://yoururl/some.jar". Obtained status password 400 from server: Repository go not permit updating assets: "your repository name"

So, you have a few options to resolve this.1- enable redeploy2- delete the version from your repository i beg your pardon you space trying to upload 3- change the version number

If any of the over answers functioned out, You can create new artifact directly from the admin next of (NEXUS display shot fastened below).

Click repositories on the left side climate click the repo, because that eg: click release.Choose artifact Upload (last tab). Select GAV definition as GAV Param- Then go into your groupid , artifact id and version .Choose seasoned file. Click upload artifact.Thats that !

Now you will certainly be able to include the corrsponding in her project.(screenshot below)


This can also happen if you have a naming policy about version, prohibiting the version# you room trying to deploy. In my situation I to be trying come upload a variation (to relax repo) 2.0.1 but later discovered out that our nexus construction doesn"t allow anything various other than entirety number for releases.

I tried later on with variation 2 and deployed it successfully.

The error message definitely dosen"t help:

Return password is: 400, ReasonPhrase: Repository walk not allow updating assets: maven-releases-xxx. -> A far better message can have been variation 2.0.1 violates specify name policy

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