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(LoudPack)(God damn, I'm lastly a boss)(Is this Shiv?)Young niggas and we ~ above a missionYoung niggas and up on our businessYeah yeah, yes yeah (Bllrt, baow, baow)They say that my flow too muchAnd I obtained them racks in my pants, and it fuck up mine walk (Bllrt)My brodie ~ above go also muchAnd he wanna do fire through that stick, so you better not speak (Blah, blah, blah-blah-blah)We played v the pole too muchThank God he had found me the music, ns feel prefer a starThey callin' me old too much'Cause i leveled up, I'm brand new and i feel like a bossGod damn, I'm ultimately a bossDo it alone so there's nobody to cross (Huh)Youngin' to be hungry and scared in the darkDaddy, he gone, 'cause he real like a boss (Yeah, yeah)I spend it all 'cause ns feel favor a bossBut fuck it, I'm frontin', us gettin' some moreYou burn that bridge then my nigga, you lostLabels, castle callin', ns guess I'm a bossI could never get worn down 'cause I'm playin' for the spot'Member every them days, we was posted by the blockBrodie obtained paid he to be stayin' v a Glock (Hahaha)I guess: v me and him the very same drop the range of the top (Uh-huh)Prayin' for the block, ns was prayin' for my popsStill let go ties 'cause that stayin' in the box (Hold up)All them tiny nicks, they was stayin' in mine socksAnd prior to you begin firin', recognize the rain gonna fall (Gllt, baow, baow, baow)Rain gonna drop, placed in pain because that the slotI don't ever before hug, gettin' mind from a slutI don't love dubs, gained the blues in mine pocketAnd prior to I go broke, carry the spoon with the potSwoon with the potYeah, lug the spoon through the potThey every been askin', "When warmth gonna drop?"Well, I got some shit that hit friend in your top, damn (Damn)Lil' nigga, that hotCame increase from nothin', placed on because that the blockI just been wishin' the they free my pops (Uh)Swear I just been prayin' i make it on optimal (Uh-uh-uh)This for them days i ain't do it ~ above timeMomma could smile, assumption: v she ultimately proud'Member my niggas was runnin' actual wildWe make it, mine nigga, us out that the drought
They say the my circulation too muchAnd I gained them racks in my pants, and also it posesthe up my walk (Woah-woah)My brodie top top go too muchAnd he wanna do fire through that stick, therefore you better not speak (Gllt, gllt, baow, baow, baow)We played v the pole as well muchThank god he had discovered me the music, i feel choose a starThey callin' me old also much'Cause i leveled up, I'm brand new and ns feel prefer a bossGod damn, I'm finally a bossHow friend playin' it? exactly how you playin' it?Been in the air, don't understand when I'm landin'Fuck 'em and leave, I'm no romanticHave mine cheese, I'm worn down of waitin'30k cash, one day in VegasJust blew two M's, ns wish I saved itShit gettin' crazyNo an ext friends, just me and also my babyJust bought she a Benz, I'm 'bout a MercedesC'mon, let's rideSend for your best 5Been stressin' since Neff diedWish Merey had less timeWish Apple did tooWe slidin' is sues nowBig .40's, no .25'sEvery story got two sidesReminiscin' 'bout attracted dyin'I wish we checked out SignsShit it is in crazy, however I save me goin'Just bought four wheels, 'bout three of the foreignCheck the board, us been scoring (No cap)