Fernando Del Solar is battling with cancer and also recent rumors suggest that there"s not much hope. Read the details here! Twitter/fer_delsolar

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Fernando Del Solar has actually been top top a steep uphill battle versus cancer for the last couple of years. A current report indigenous a mexico tabloid published horrible news from an inside source. Rumor has it the the cancer the 40-year-old "Venga La Alegría" host had not just spread native his appropriate lung come his left lung, yet it has actually now prolonged to his bones. The resource told the magazine that at the start of February the this year the Argentine tv personality moved out of his house he has actually with his family, mam Ingrid Coronado and children. Del Solar relocated to Cuernavaca, Morelos whereby his parents reside and also where they room taking care of him and also trying to save him motivated. The was also reported that the "Ganale Al Chef" host did not want to receive much more treatment and also was going to permit cancer consume him.

Following those reports Ingrid has fired ago and debunked claimed rumors. Coronado told Hechos AM the he has actually not fully lost his battle and the reason he left home was for his household not so view him in pain and also suffering. The "La Academia Kids" host provided an interview through "Ventaneando" wherein she denies every these allegations. "They will always say anything, I like not to give any type of importance come these species of comments," she said. "Any human being that has been at the next of someone sick will offer me the reason. The people that have actually been there know that it"s draining, that it"s terrible, that it"s daunting and today I wouldn"t recognize who has it worst, the patient or whomever is through the patient"s side, due to the fact that whoever is there needs to live life together if everything was good when points are disastrous at home."

Ingrid Coronado also added the adhering to which offered everyone hope that things space fine: "We all understand that with conditions like this it"s all choose a seesaw. He has actually recovered weight, his face looks much better, he"s in better spirits and much more energy. He made decision to action aside a little bit, finish recovering and also when he"s 100% much better he will certainly return." Fernando"s former "Venga La Alegría" co-host, Tania Rincón, also weighed in and also said Del Solar is better than ever. "I think that Fer is much better than ever enjoying his kids, Ingrid that is an outstanding woman and I don"t think it"s fair that they are trying to make news where there isn"t any kind of during such a complex time.

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Ingrid is doing great, I recognize that Fernando is doing really well and also enjoying extraordinary health. It to be obviously no a cold, it was a terrible disease like cancer and also he is comes along."