Camila Cabello has actually a look of absolute terror on her face. “I’m shocked,” she says, slumping into her life room couch’s womb-like pillows and putting a hand to she forehead. Attract a T-shirt emblazoned with words “Change” in Chanel-like type, she’s one ab crunch far from fetal position. “It’s tragic. I can’t believe he’d say something so disgusting.”

It’s a perfect summer day in the Hollywood Hills, and while the 22-year-old Cabello is commonly as upbeat and also bubbly as her Latin-flavored pop hits, this afternoon, news headlines are weighing on her. Specifically, president Trump’s racism taunting of four congresswomen — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley — informing them come “go back to where you came from.”

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It’s worth noting that 3 of the representatives are American-born and also one a naturalized citizen, and also none had actually to immigrate come the U.S. Illegal — like Cabello’s family members did top top escaping Cuba in 2003. “That could have to be me,” she claims matter-of-factly. “That’s additionally what i was reasoning as i was looking in ~ the pictures of kids being held against their will. Ns was, like, over there is precise no difference in between these people and also my mom.”

It’s simple to watch why Cabello’s enthusiasm for the problem hits close come home. She and also her mom, Sinuhe, gone into the nation in 2003, getting here in Florida ~ above the heels of one more immigration controversy: the discussed return that 7-year-old Cuban-born Elián González come his bear country. While waiting for Cabello’s father, Alejandro, to sign up with them in Miami, they scraped by on she mother’s usual income. (She’s one architect by trade but found herself functioning in retail.)

Cabello didn’t speak any kind of English when she enrolled in elementary school school. Still, she wowed she teacher with her unflappable confidence. Together Sinuhe recalls, “The teacher pertained to me and also said, ‘She’s no gonna have any problem.’”


However, Cabello did freshly use she voice loudly — together with an military of 45 million Twitter and also Instagram pendant — to defend her friend Taylor Swift. At issue: the sale of Swift’s former label, large Machine, to Justin Bieber manager Scooter Braun, a purchase that came through ownership to grasp rights that Swift’s first six albums. Why speak now? “Because she is my friend,” Cabello says. “And someone in her place — i m sorry is, like, on one more level — i can’t imagine how many times she’s to be let under by people, or gotten disappointed by friends that were just using her, or world who just wanted to it is in friends through Taylor Swift or whatever. I’m happy to it is in there for her as a person. Like, ‘Even once it’s no popular, I’ve obtained you. I’m, like, your genuine friend.’ through the Scooter thing, i one-hundred-percent feel her frustration. One artist of she caliber simply being F–ed over choose that, and also not gift able to have her masters? that sucks. It’s heartbreaking because that her. And I do believe a most the solution in location for the music market are kind of … messed up. As soon as you think around how artists have to slave to do these things, and then girlfriend don’t own them, that is sort of a man concept.”

Cabello would know: She was in a similar situation coming into “The X Factor” together a teenager. The Fox present was well known for its opening contract, which forced contestants — or their parents — to authorize away a vast array of rights long prior to the an initial episode had actually aired. Fortunately, Cabello says, gloating, she manager is a lawyer through trade. “He renegotiated my contract to the allude where it’s, like, incredible,” she says.

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“I’m really lucky to have actually that. Due to the fact that the thing that’s worth the many is the art.”