record google-services.json is lacking from module root folder. The Google services Plugin cannot duty without the (5 answers)
I updated my project to the recent Play services classpath "". I am likewise using the latest variation of playservices in mine app.gradle file as:

compile ""compile ""However once I compile, Gradle throws exemption as follows

Error:Execution fail for task ":app:processDebugGoogleServices". > document google-services.json is missing from module root folder. The Google solutions Plugin cannot function without it.
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You need to acquire the configuration file native the developer"s site and also paste the in the application level directory of her project.

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Select her project

On the left menu, click on settings > job settings

Add an app or download the google-services.json file under the Your Apps section.

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Please walk to this URL :

Choose your choices and finally you will have the ability to download

google-service.json file

copy that paper and paste it right into

YourProjectName/app magazine

Then recompile the task Most more than likely it will fly

In my situation the project magazine looks like this :


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For anyone using Firebase you need to get in your console and there it need to say "add task to Android". Indigenous there, it will step-by-step create the google-services.json record for you.

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I obtained this error if trying to operation Google"s Firebase analytics sample app:


Add quickstart/analytics come Android Studio

Add Procedure:

Click top top "GO come CONSOLE"Click ~ above "Add Project"Project name: Enter: sample-appClick "Create Project"Click "Continue"On the "Getting Started" page, click "Add Firebase to your Android app"Enter package name for the android app Click ~ above download google-services.jsonIn file explorer, add google-services.json come the directory: "quickstart/analytics/app" Run "app"The sample app already contains the important Gradle record settings. When adding a brand-new project do: tools -> Firebase -> analytics -> include Event -> Connect app to Firebase. Including a job via Android Studio ensures that all the Gradle Dependecies space setup.

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Remove Procedure:

Click ~ above "GO come CONSOLE"Settings -> project Settings -> Delete this AppSettings -> task Settings -> Delete ProjectEnter job ID and also press delete

I added and eliminated the sample app multiple times without any noticeable next effects.