SPOILER ALERT – do not proceed reading if you don’t want to understand the winner of The Bachelor!

Nick Viall just got down ~ above one knee to propose to among the remaining two contestants on The Bachelor during the finale ~ above Monday (March 13).

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The last two contestants were Raven Gates, a fashion boutique owner, and also Vanessa Grimaldi, a special education teacher.

The historic ending was supervisor tense as both ladies gained ready to fulfill Nick at the secluded location in Finland.

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Spoilers lie ahead!!!

Raven to be the an initial woman to display up to challenge Nick. ~ she said him that she loves him, he broke it to her the he is no in love through her. Prior to they stated goodbye, Nick stated “I’ll miss out on you” and Raven replied, “I know.”


Vanessa wins!

Nick professed his love because that Vanessa while in tears and also she reciprocated what he said by telling him exactly how much she loves him!

Nick proposed to Vanessa and also she claimed yes!

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