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A Buddz weh mi seh!!!Yuh recognize this a di ganja remix!From Bermuda, to Jamaica, to Cali, to Texas, earlier out to ClevelandYuh know, Paul wall surface weh yuh seh!!!I'm leanin, I obtained my drink poured up extra thickThe dirt is purple, seize a cup of ice and also take a sipPour a ounce, pour a deuce, baby pour a foursHave a taste, drink the slow, and you it is in on the floorThe dro is twisted up, but me, I'm 'bout come mix it upDrinkin the expensive taste with Skinhead rob I'm leanin toughI'm talkin 'bout the ocean potion call it Texas teaLeanin favor a absent stand happen it right below straight to meMy companion Keke gave me tips and put me ~ above gameHe told me splash some grape soda contact it purple rainI require that potent dungeon punch, to water me up a cupEverytime, it come around, I'm leaning off the purple stuffFinally di herbs come around, come around, come around, come around...

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We break it up, roll it up, light it up, smoke the upAnd happen it come the left until you tell united state that you had enoughInhale, exhale, punch the smoke the end your lungsOnce girlfriend hit the kush ns think girlfriend know just where I'm comin fromThey contact me environment-friendly thumb, if you require someI excercise mine freedom and bring friend the ideal weed sonSee son, in the kingdom we got it downwe smokin up the eco-friendly shit money no Bobby BrownIt's funny exactly how we blaze the in the club, in the spliff or in the bluntYou deserve to put that in the pipe and also smoke that up all nightWhat friend hatin for ns smoke with the soul of Bob MarleyIf you think girlfriend gonna avoid I'm sorry no hardlyFeelin kind of oddly, defiant, and ready come partyAnd gettin retarded, once this motherfuckin conference startedWe blown trees up sp freeze up lull upThe general populace sayin please relief us
Finally di herbs come around, come around, come around, come around...Buss a shoot fi di herbs man dem top top yahFrom then we root increase di good marijuanaDi farmer, smoke to fill di air like a saunaWeed acting a roam a offer yuh di an excellent karmaNah choking yah, fire fi di cigarette smokerIt a joke cau di sensi a burn we float yahHigher than di clouds us deh bout yahBabylon waan fi directly flush it however this yah a nuh pokerSekkle now, blast pick up di ting don't mek dem tek oonuCau from dem check out yuh wid a spliff dem suspect oonuStress oonu, right haffi read prior to dem tek oonuCau yuh know di law nuh defend oonuFood haffi mek yuh know, caan mek di shit still impact oonuSee unda di rdar nuh mek dem finding oonuInspect oonu, seems choose babylon dem nuh respect oonuTek heed di warnin Selassie i bless oonuFinally di herbs come around, come around, come around, come around...Yeah! One shot for the gangstas one shot because that the hustlersTira por la raza, gettin' high favor a rastaA.K.'s through the fifty round drumThe Ch-ch-ch-ch-chopper goes ra pom pom pmo boy!So who waan romp through me?The wolfpack operation these fuckin roadways ok!So, what friend 'gon say? who waan play?I hit hard papi Aztec bumbayeJey! now do together I do, perform as i sayAnd we don't have difficulties if you execute it mine wayUh! Pistol take it heaven ideal after the blunts irradiate upLet me obtain one an ext puff lord ns be right up
Finally di herbs come around, come around, come around, come around...

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Nothin much less than a hundreds poundsI'm well-known to smoke heavy yet yet and also still that goes downConnectin' with the pounds the the great kush and great hazeGood weed keeps me high, very same time, keeps me paidSweet sweet sensi combined with blueberries and grapefruitsGobble up that fruit saladWash that down v Grey GooseCheapest price in the city if you need that directionThem dope boys love me (Love me) lock smoke that stable fettiMy eye are, heavy, shoulders, leanOn that, Dro like, boing-oing-oing-oingTalkin, sluggish like, nah, meanResources is the purple, i blow that by the circleLook, I recognize the tin man, the real tin man(Nigga, friend Cash?) No, really, us close friends, manAnd my homey Gill gained his ass across the borderI've been waitin five days and today I obtained my orderLike finally.........Finally di herbs come aroundDi hygrade weh mi look fah mi acquire it by di lb yeahWhen Collie Buddz come aroundA pure ganja male tune just a lick dem native di sound yeahFinally di herbs come aroundDi hygrade weh man a look at fah mi stock it by di lb yeahWhen babylon a come aroundAsk dem weh dem a go find fah?