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I developed through this component with one char without incident. My second char is stuck in this phase. I shot the red and also green cuppling but the yellow cuppling simply keeps blinking blue and I cant progress. Porting out, resetting phases, porting back in has no effect on the whole phase however I can connect with the yellow cuppling but same an outcome as before.

ns too fixed the faily straightforward Puzzle, all the consoles blacked out.Or rhather at first they only shed a tiny black square ~ above them and also became unusable, then my toon to be stuck in the silliest position, hrm out and shooting Lightning, BUY never ever stopped the attitude so v saber it just speins in hand. LOKKS ver stunner indeed.Also because that some factor I could no leave the map, no leave to be found, no departure on the ShuttleEventually ns hat to QT to breakown, i reset my phase and also went back, climate it was the same, i then QT back to breaktown again, this time I simply picked one. I reset mission and also Chapter reset.Then ns launch the again, and also well it loads the start of Therons talk then stops and also my gui is unable to do * dialogue screen( ns can however chat and also interact with the pendant for their traditional replies, favor lana\s over there is much much more Galaxy come exploreVery an extremely buggy indeed, i am currently on my 3rd restrart that the game and customer

same trouble found 3 squares to blast climate nothing rather to perform to obtain in. I think one elevator ~ above 1 side is intend to drop, however that is simply a wild guess.
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I at first reset the chapter to get an Aric with clothes on. Then developed just fine until I got to the forcefield business. Ns did well a blue thing on a write-up underneath the platform wherein the forcefield is but the 3 colored spots over the door with the forcefield room not clickable. Has actually anyone discovered a work around for this?

discovered 3 clickable boxes & 1 junction box(non-clickable)
cpu: intel i7 6850 w/32 gigs ram monitor: Asus 24" PB 278 gpu: 2x gtx 1080 w/38253 O/S: victory 10 64bit audio: Sound Blaster ZX

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i was able to click on all four yet one didn"t take. Once i reset and also every time afterwards I can only click on one(yellow). I tried all the usual advice. Reset, log in out, reload game, same result.Oddly enough there is a play now button next to my mission while i"m in the mission. It simply resets the prompt area however to the same result. Anyone else have actually that occur?