Consumers this day are much better informed and much more demanding than ever. V accessto limitless information thanks to the Internet, smartphones and also tablets, theydemand the capability to do purchases anywhere, anytime. Merchants equipped tooffer shoppers the payment convenience, simplicity and also fluidity they need willincrease sales counter rates.

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With the world’s largest in-store accept network, clever Terminals have actually led the payment terminal sector for 30 years.

We run the widest range of clever terminals combine the most advanced technologies with the latest protection requirements everything the local regulation, company sector, or payment method. Our smart terminals administer businesses with a distinct platform and also totally reliable connectivity because that deploying and also managing payment and value-enhancing business applications.

Paired with a comprehensive range of POS management services, smart Terminals allow merchants come optimize their store and checkout formats and to cover all consumer touch points.


Payment terminals Answer all payment needs and also meet the many demanding use situations smart Terminals satisfy the many demanding expectations ofmerchants, retailers and also banks. We lug a consumer-centric strategy to verticalmarkets (hospitality, retail, vending, financial institutions & acquirers, petrol andtransportation…) through payment services to cover all points that transactions(unattended, multi-lane, in-store and outdoor, mobile)

Support any kind of payment method. Enhance customer interaction v richmultimedia possibilities.  satisfy the latest defense standards. 

Designed for vendors to accept all payment means and the many innovative uses cases at the point of sales. The’s desktop computer terminals sheathe a range of functionalities to offer unique customer experiences in ~ the counter. With limited footprints and also high reliability, they can conveniently integrate and answer the most demanding requirements for shade display, touch user interface or customer engagement capabilities.


Our retail range was attracted up to mitigate the time spent at checkout and improve customer engagement in the many demanding sleeve environments.

With their big colour touchscreens, intuitive interfaces and also support for a large spectrum of payment methods,’s retail terminals room the best solutions to improve the multilane checkout experience. Your design, stand pole and connectivity facilitate in-store integration.


With their compact design, wide connectivity (GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth) and rich capabilities, portable terminals provide support for vendors anywhere. They enable all cashless payment methods, and also their highly-secure and scalable Telium Tetra or Android OS strength terminals varying from payment-only come multipurpose devices.


Easy & flexible unattended payment services for self-servicesbusinesses.

Its wide selection of devices, indigenous card and contactless readers, to PINPads,meeting the recent standards permit to easily combine cashless payment inself-service kiosks. Answer any integration require in a functional way, native Vending, come Transportation,Petrol or Retail.

Mobile fingerprint systems answering the need for biometric authentication. Leverage cutting edge biometric authentication technology to secure and build trust. Open cost-effective gaue won inclusion channels, such as branchless banking, microfinance or government-to-person (G2P). Regulate government i would schemes: attendance tracking, pension payments, voting.

Mobile POS provides greater convenience and also an affordable entry suggest for SMBs wishing to accept card-based transactions and NFC wallet payments. Paired v an automated system, cell phone POS have the right to increase organization efficiency. These perfectly satisfy the payment acceptance needs of tiny businesses on the move.

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Our Android ECR POS selection addresses merchants’ payment acceptance needs at the respond to or in the hospitality sectors, in particular. This cash registers combining an Android user interface with’s legacy in for sure payment offer a first-rate consumer experience. They support all payment methods, including alternative ones, and offer merchants a full collection of service services v Android organization apps, to permit ECR or commitment use cases, for instance.