On may 18, Emmy Award-winning writer, comedian, actor and also Fistula Foundation champion louis C.K. Will contend on a strength Players edition of Jeopardy! If the wins, the $50,000 optimal prize will certainly be donated to Fistula Foundation.

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Taped in Washington D.C., the present will air throughout Jeopardy! strength Players Week, featuring an impressive roster of prominent journalists, commentators, and also newsmakers, such as CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, professor and also TV organize Melissa Harris-Perry, and best-selling author Jonathan Franzen. Louis C.K. Will certainly compete against Kate Bolduan, co-host that CNN’s in ~ This Hour, and opinion writer Jonathan Capehart that The Washington Post. Players complete for a charity the their choice and will get a guaranteed $10,000 for your cause, v the to win contestant earning a minimum of $50,000 for his or her charity.

C.K.’s support of Fistula foundation dates earlier to 2011, as soon as he donated a section of proceeds from the successful direct-to-consumer revenue of his Live in ~ the Beacon theater comedy special, which grossed an ext than $1 million in simply 10 days. 3 years later, one donate tweet from C.K. Sent thousands of followers to Fistula Foundation’s website—so many that the site momentarily crashed.
Fistula structure CEO Kate provide says, “The selflessness and generosity of human being like Louis C.K. Are transforming the future for women with fistula, transforming their lives. Louis C.K. Has been an i can not qualify partner and a powerful champion of our work, and an ext women’s lives have been forever readjusted for the better because the him.”

In anticipation of the may 18 air date, everyone can play to victory donations because that Fistula Foundation, start May 9. 2 generous, cotton donors have actually committed up to $25,000 to it is in unlocked via “Fistula Quiz!” one online game featuring trivia questions around obstetric fistula, luigi C.K., and also Jeopardy! correct answers an outcome in as much as $27 per game in donations released to Fistula Foundation. Learn more and beat the game start May 9 at www.FistulaFoundation.org.

To read much more about Fistula Foundation, click here.

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Fistula foundation is a recommended charity that The Life You can Save. Fistula structure provides funding for fistula surgery and also treatment worldwide. Obstetric fistula is a avoidable injury that can occur during facility childbirth, with often devastating results for women and also their families.


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