The time lastly came when flag burning came to be a commonwealth offense, conference passing this law about the time the Vietnam war started. So late in the 1900 "s, a male named Gregory Lee Johnson to be convicted for burning the flag during a Republican Convention. Although he was originally convicted, the supreme Court later determined that the freedom of expression permits him to burn the flag. A vast dispute broke out in Elk Grove High school in the post Eichman-era as to whether or not a mural illustrating a flag being melted could be presented in the halls. Initially denied through the principal, the American civil Liberties Union intervened, convincing the principal that the students have the freedom to express their thoughts with the mural, and also that the is …show an ext content… It has been discovered that members of the Republican Party support the passing of one amendment that bans desecration the the flag much more than democratic do (Carroll). In the poll done by USA Today, it found that when random citizens to be asked even if it is they favored or opposed the idea to let the government make that illegal to burn the flag, 56% of them sustained the idea while just 41% were versus it (Carroll). Also found in ~ the poll was the those that assistance the banning of flag burning have a lot stronger opinion top top the issue than those that were against it (Carroll). "This has acquired to be an separation, personal, instance who just doesn "t realize what that "s doing means and how disrespectful that is, and also how countless sacrifices have actually been made by our men and women to do this nation what that is today" (American Legion Cmdr. Sam Sasser, Boese). 40% of americans who assistance the amendment would certainly be uncomfortable if the was not passed, while just 20% of world who protest the amendment would be uncomfortable if it was passed (Carroll). One united state citizen, Police cook Paul Bostrack, provides his opinions top top the matter, stating that the act of burning a flag is just despicable, in addition to the obvious dangers the come in addition to it (Boese). The state explains that a breach of peace occured …show an ext content… Johnson). In the court case United states vs. Eichman, The can be fried Court the evaluation a decision make by conference to prohibit the burning of flags, determining that this is unconstitutional together one can not be punished solely due to the fact that his or her thoughts space offensive (ACLU). The supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional for Texas to apply a legislation that prevented a man from to express his thoughts just since the state believed it to be exceptionally offensive (ACLU). This amendment would certainly actually increase the speculation as to how this expression must specifically be regulated (ACLU). Professor Goldstein recorded only about 45 cases of flag burning in the previous 200 years in between the fostering of the flag in 1777 and also the development of the Flag defense Act in 1989, which was rejected by the can be fried Court (ACLU). It has actually been learned through suffer with ban of alcohol, the prohibiting might actually provoke rather of lessen the acts it wished to prevent (ACLU). Flexibility will reach its death if a leader makes exceptions to the an initial Amendment solely due to his the opposite of the speech or expression (ACLU).

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This amendment damages one that the freedoms that the flag represents: cost-free speech (ACLU). Many people who thought flag desecration is bad suggested that the problem was not huge enough to do the government readjust the Constitution specifically to avoid it