1. Shining over the Moon: simply behind the Odyssey to the right-hand side you should discover a tiny crater with a shadow in the middle. Stand on this shadow and also jump directly upwards to reveal a covert block - if you run up top top this block, and then directly up again, girlfriend should also reveal a second one. Run up onto the one and do the procedure once much more to uncover a strength Moon floating high above you.

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2. Along the Cliff Face: Head to location 2 on our map and also spin the camera roughly to see the cliff confront below and find a large 2D ar inside the wall. You"ll find a little ledge through a eco-friendly pipe to enter this section - head inside and also make your way to the end for a strength Moon.

3. The guideline of a White Spire: for this strength Moon you"ll need to jump increase onto the roof the the Wedding Hall. If you"re dealing with the hall from the front, head roughly to the right-hand side and jump up onto the roof, looking the end for the white spires that room dotted about the structure. Among them on this side of the building will be glowing and, if you litter Cappy in ~ it through holding down the "Y" switch for a couple of seconds, a strength Moon will pop best out.

4. Rolling absent on the Moon: Search about location number 4 on ours map to uncover a little rock in the middle of a crater. If you kick this rock approximately - you"ll need to do this for quite some time - the will ultimately burst open to reveal a power Moon.

5. Captured Hopping top top the Moon!: At place 5 on our map you"ll find a rabbit bouncing around. As constantly you"ll require to record the rabbit for a strength Moon, utilizing Cappy to stun it if necessary.

6. Cliffside treasure Chest: method out come the west you"ll spot a treasure chest sitting on the own distant platform. Capture one of the Rocket flowers sitting top top the mainland nearest the platform and also use the rate it generates to carry out a super-long long jump. Open up the endowment chest for this strength Moon.

7. Moon Kingdom Timer difficulty 1: At place 7 on our map you"ll discover a scarecrow sitting on a slightly lowered ledge. Litter Cappy at the scarecrow, and also then carry out a series of long jumps end the platforms that appear, come grab the power Moon waiting for you.

8. Taking Notes: top top the Moon’s Surface: Head to location 8 on our map on the east side of the middle part of the Kingdom to discover a glowing treble clef. If friend touch this treble clef, a series of music notes will appear - you"ll should collect all of these prior to the timer runs out to get this strength Moon. If you deserve to execute two perfectly positioned long jumps, you should have the ability to collect every one of the notes through two swift movements.

- The next 5 Power Moons space all situated in the magma-filled ar just past the Quiet wall checkpoint flag. The ar for this area is marked as "X" on our map above. Together this area has no map within the game, we"ll overview you with these ones through descriptions alone.

(X) 9. Under the Bowser Statue: together you drop right into this area right at the very beginning, look closely at the Bowser statue on the right and you"ll notification that it have the right to actually it is in captured. Jump up to its head and throw Cappy at it to take it control, moving it forwards contempt to expose a strength Moon underneath.

(X) 10. In a feet in the Magma: top top the lowest level that the area, capture any kind of of the Parabones flying around and also fly to the far finish with the Spark Pylon inside a cage. To the best of this cage you should be able to spot a round hole in the magma ~ above the floor - fly down this hole to collect a crucial which will certainly unlock a power Moon right beside the cage.

(X) 11. Roughly the obstacle Wall: In the area v the Banzai Bills, capture the very first one that appears and fly come the right, adhering to the gold rings until you do it previous the very first long wall. If you quickly turn to the left here to research the ago of the wall you just flew by, you"ll notification a strength Moon sitting on a tiny ledge.

(X) 12. On height of the Cannon: In the area through the Banzai Bills, catch the first one and follow the route through the gold rings and breakable walls till you come across the 2nd Banzai bill cannon. Crash directly into this cannon, making certain to soil Mario safely on the top. If you carry out a ground lb in the centre of the peak of this cannon, a really sneakily surprise Power Moon will certainly pop out.

(X) 13. Paris to the endowment Chest and also Back: Whilst was standing at either of the Bonzai bill cannons, look end to wherein you an initial entered the area (made evident by the large green pipe and also Bowser statues). You"ll notice an alcove the is precisely level v the elevation of the Banzai Bills. Record one and also fly end to this alcove, utilizing the boosts obtainable to for sure you do it in time. Break open the treasure chest in the alcove because that a power Moon.

14. Up in the Rafters: for this power Moon, you"ll must climb every the method to the an extremely top the the Wedding Hall building from the outside. Girlfriend can accomplish this by using backflips, wall surface jumps, and Cappy dives, or additionally you can record the frog sit behind the hall in the northwest for included height in her jumps. Make your way up to the giant gold bell and also drop v the hole in the floor straight underneath it. You"ll find yourself on top of part rafters inside the room - walk over these rafters to collection the power Moon in level view.

15. Sneaking roughly in the Crater: If friend look in the huge crater near the Odyssey (at ar 15 on ours map) friend should notice a glowing bang moving about in the ground. Shock the bump v Cappy, and then execute a ground pound on it, to reveal a power Moon.

16. Discovered on the Moon, good Dog!: Right alongside the stunner Cap store in this Kingdom you have to spot a dog in a an are helmet (as you do). Befriend this dog by playing with it and get the to monitor you. As you walk approximately it will uncover hidden goodies secret - usually within craters. Eventually it will certainly dig increase a power Moon because that you - it found ours at ar 16 on ours map in the northeast corner of the ar with the store.

17. Moon Shards on the Moon: At place 17 on ours map you"ll uncover the first of five Moon Shards that you"ll must collect for a strength Moon. The other four are all situated in various areas on the roof the the Wedding Hall. Jump up onto the roof - using the frog sitting behind the hall in the northwest if necessary - and explore every nook and cranny to discover them all.

18. Moon Quiz: Amazing!: To acquire this strength Moon you"ll very first have to finish the task for strength Moon 24. When you"ve excellent that, go back to the Sphynx to answer a series of questions. If you answer of all the Sphynx"s concerns correctly, it"ll price you v a second Power Moon. The answers come the concerns are: Sheep, Moon, below the bell, Floating on airship sails.

19. Thanks, Captain Toad!: just to the southern of the Odyssey, you"ll point out a totality bunch of characters from various Kingdoms every hanging out together to look at the Earth. Just behind them, and behind a tiny ridge, you"ll likewise find Captain Toad - conversation to him because that a power Moon.

20. Shopping in Honeylune Ridge: You can purchase this power Moon in this Kingdom"s crazy Cap keep for 100 yellow coins.

21. Go on the Moon!: At location 21 on our map you"ll uncover a Koopa who will offer you a walking difficulty for a power Moon. The trick to succeeding is to use the scenery to psychic the walking route - make certain to memorise the parts of the ridge top top the best hand side where you"ll should cross over, and additionally remember that you"ll must walk directly around the top-left sheet of the crater on the opposite next as reference points.

22. Moon Kingdom constant Cup: At location 22 on ours map (just in prior of the Wedding Hall) you"ll uncover a Koopa that will difficulty you to a race to win a power Moon. The race isn"t too lot of a difficulty if friend make sure to repetitively use long jumps to travel - castle can aid you to dive from greater sections to lower ones an extremely quickly, and are likewise much quicker than to run on flat sections.

23. Medical professional in the residence (see ar 14): for this power Moon, you"ll first need to be wearing the physician Headwear and also Doctor Outfit (if you need assist with this, examine out our Super Mario Odyssey Outfit Guide). As soon as you have this complete outfit equipped, head inside the main room that the Wedding Hall and talk come the Shiverian that mentions that he"s feeling ill. See you in your doctor"s outfit will certainly magically do him feel better and he"ll give you a strength Moon for her troubles.

24. Sphynx’s covert Vault: Warp to the Quiet wall surface checkpoint flag and also run about the framework in front of you to the right to uncover a Sphynx. If friend answer its inquiry correctly, you"ll gain accessibility to a treasure vault include a strength Moon. If you"re struggling, the price you require is "Rocket Flower".

25. A tourist in the Moon Kingdom!: for this strength Moon, you will first need to have spoken to the Tostarenan in the Sand Kingdom who was hoping for a taxi. If you have done this, friend may have noticed him (and his taxi) sitting in apparent spots in assorted Kingdoms. Every time you speak to him, he"ll relocate to a various Kingdom (giving friend a hint regarding which one each time) and also eventually, he"ll wind increase here. If you"ve found him sufficient times, he"ll be wait for friend at place 25 on our map.

26. Peach in the Moon Kingdom: for Peach to appear in the Moon Kingdom, friend will first need come make sure that girlfriend have already found her in every one of the ahead Kingdoms. If you have, she"ll be waiting for you alongside the giant gold bell on top of the Wedding Hall. Use backflips, wall jumps, and Cappy dives, or alternatively capture the frog sitting behind the room in the northwest to run up there and also chat to her for a power Moon.

27. Uncovered with Moon Kingdom Art: You"ll discover this Kingdom"s note art wall surface inside the Wedding Hall. When you enter, look come the appropriate of the door front of you which take away you to the key room and also check the art on the wall. You"ll recognise the Wooded Kingdom - fly there and warp come the Iron road Entrance checkpoint flag. From there, head increase the steps and walk roughly to the left of the red steel structures. You should come throughout the scarecrow in the photo and, if you ground pound the exact spot that is indicated, you"ll disclose the power Moon.

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Moon Kingdom "Moon Rock" strength Moons (28-38)


These power Moons will become obtainable to you when you have smashed the Moon Rock situated in this Kingdom.

28. Mysterious flying Object: Head beyond the Wedding room to the northeast to uncover a glowing UFO. You"ll have to sneak up close come the UFO and also hit it v Cappy to acquire the strength Moon - it can be exceptionally tricky to discover the specific location native which to litter Cappy, for this reason you may need part patience because that this one. If the UFO paris away, just walk a couple of steps away from its initial location and move the camera away from it, climate look earlier again to reset every little thing and try again.

29. Hidden on the next of the Cliff: Warp to the Ever-After Hill checkpoint flag and walk straight northwest. If girlfriend look end the cliff here, you"ll watch a power Moon floating above the Sphynx below. If girlfriend can, jump down to make call with the strength Moon from above - don"t concern if you fail, though; friend should have the ability to jump up onto the Sphynx"s head, backflip, and then wall jump native the wall surface behind it to make call from the ground.

30. Jumping High as a Frog: Your very first step because that this power Moon is to catch the frog that is sit behind the Wedding hall in the northwest. When you have actually your frog, make your method south, and then east, until you reach place 30 on ours map. In this location, a power Moon is hovering high up in the air end a platform the is slightly separated indigenous the mainland. You"ll need to shake the controller to exploit the frog"s highest jumping capability to reach it.

31. Moon Kingdom Timer an obstacle 2: Head southern along the bridge from the Ringing-Bells Plateau checkpoint flag to discover a scarecrow at the other end. Litter Cappy in ~ the scarecrow and then perform long jumps to do it across the slanted communication to the power Moon.

32. Go on the Moon: Again!: Head to location 32 on ours map and chat to the Koopa over there to start a 2nd walking an obstacle for one more Power Moon. As before, the cheat to doing well is to usage the scenery to mental the walking path - make certain to memorise the parts of the ridge on the appropriate hand side wherein you"ll must cross over, and likewise remember that you"ll need to walk directly around the top-left edge of the crater top top the opposite next as recommendation points.

33. Moon Kingdom grasp Cup: Head to location 33 on ours map (just in front of the Wedding Hall) and talk to the Koopa over there to get in a second race come win one more Power Moon. The key to the race is to repetitively use lengthy jumps to travel - lock can help you to dive from greater sections to lower ones really quickly, and are additionally much faster than to run on flat sections. As soon as you space travelling up the wall-jumping section, make sure to turn your human body at the top, making use of a Cappy dive to litter you towards the goal rather than loitering in the air for several valuable seconds.

34. Taking Notes: In short Gravity: get in the green pipe the is sit on a ledge simply over the cliff to the west the the Odyssey. Make your means over come the left next of this ar and, native there, revolve around and also jump increase to gain yourself on optimal of the rock the is in ~ the very top the the screen. You"ll notification that a treble clef has showed up there - touch it, and then collect all of the music notes the appear, to receive a strength Moon.

35. Center of the Galaxy: Run approximately to the ago of the tall obelisk to the east of the Odyssey to uncover a flower trampoline that will take you come the area above. Once you get there, get in the grey warp pipe and make your method around the circular, gravity-based 2D section. Best in the centre, you must spot a strength Moon.

36. Sheet of the Galaxy (see place 35): In the very same area as strength Moon 35, make your means to the ledge the you would use to drop under to the very first Power Moon (at the peak of the circle) and then run upwards to spot 2 spinning planets above. There is a strength Moon in between these planets and, if you have the right to make clever use of the gravitational force in between them, friend should be able to jump in a path that takes you directly through the strength Moon.

37. Navigating large Swings: At ar 37 on our map (on height of a tall section that requires wall jumps come access) you"ll discover a grey warp pipe. Get in the pipe and also make your means right to the finish of this area, timing her jumps so the the relocating platforms involved meet you as you land, to find this strength Moon.

38. A waver on height of a totter (see location 37): In the same area as power Moon 37, do your means through the room till you happen by the second Astro-Lanceur enemy (space-octopus-things). A strength Moon is sitting just over the blue swinging platforms just beyond this enemy. To reach it, you"ll need to jump up onto the first blue platform and then execute a backflip at just the best time to land safe on the upswing the the platform above it. As soon as you manage it, hop over to the yellow platform adjacent to collect the power Moon.

We hope that you have uncovered this overview on collecting all strength Moons in super Mario Odyssey"s Moon Kingdom useful. Allow us know if you"ve controlled to grab lock all with a comment below.

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Ryan deserve to list the an initial 151 Pokémon all in order turn off by heart – a feat the calls his ‘party trick’ regardless of being such an introvert that he’d never ever be discovered anywhere close to a party. He’d lot rather just have actually a night in through Mario Kart and also a pizza, and also we can not say us blame him.


Tue 12th Dec 2017

This was among my favourite kingdoms, the Music & the physics reminded me of the galaxy games


Marios-love-child Same! I likewise liked that the moon had the hardest levels! my brother kept on complaining about how easy Mario odyssey to be so I had him struggle the broodals in the moon kingdom, and he couldn’t carry out it!



It"s not the most challenging of games in fairness however I don"t think I"ve ever before played any game before that"s make me laugh so much as this one.

I"ve only done around 220 power moons so far so proper scratched the surface.

Part that me simply wishes I"d held earlier on play it and that I"d put it away till Christmas day together a current to myself.


Tue 12th Dec 2017

The Moon Kingdome was honestly a little bit of a letdown because that me. Don"t obtain me not correct the game is amazing. I simply wished the Moon Kingdom to be more challenging or something.

Tue 12th Dec 2017

Christ"s services I need to start completing gamings quicker, didn"t also know there was a moon kingdom until now lol. Can"t blame NL because that posting spoiler this long after the game"s launched yet that has absolutely ruined the surprised of a section of the game for me

PorllM Yeah... Luckily ns 100% perfect the game two weeks in, ( Couldn"t placed the game down honestly ) however it is a little disappointing the NLife is going around the walkthrough this way. They might have easily said "Mario Odyssey Walkthrough Cont." with a spoiler tags on over there so that civilization don"t see the photo right ~ above the former page.

SimplyCinnamon53 five I got them all 2 weeks in, lol. There were a couple moons the were tough however as a entirety the video game was tho pretty basic in my eyes. Not that that"s a poor thing! I simply felt like other Mario games had tougher 100% challenges. ( Looking at you Champion"s Road... )

-DG ns still grounding on the critical moon challenge, no matter what I carry out I can not beat that. How did you perform it? mine biggest difficulty is the fork world at the end.

SimplyCinnamon53 If you typical the fork world over the lava, ( just ones ns remember right now. ) you have the right to actually fly appropriate over them v Glidon. Simply shake the joycons and also catch every the updrafts, friend should have the ability to skip them and also get right into the green pipe the leads come the second fifty percent of that stage.

If you want to carry out it the to plan way, usage your homing ability with cappy by shiver the joycon after throwing that at her target.

Also if you aren"t making use of the Joycon for this game, you should, the motion manage gives you a ton of extra versatility and on this stage particularly you have the right to skip that totality platform maze form section v a bottom cappy litter > homing attack.

SimplyCinnamon53 ***SPOILER ALERT***

Darker Side? That"s right now the critical moon I have actually left also (other 보다 the ones friend buy). I obtained tripped up through that too however it looks choose one needs to do hat dives to with the forks.

Darker Side yes, really isn"t too hard; simply a many learning about what"s walking on at details segments. I thought components like Vanishing road (without Cappy) was much harder.

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Iacobus yes I found those components really tough too. The difficulty is there, friend just have actually to uncover it.

Tue 12th Dec 2017

The hardest moon is the 100 coast volleyball. They didn"t do the last moon the hardest (darkest side). I found the dark side moons an ext challenging