The last week that Fortnite: battle Royal Season 8’s weekly challenges began Thursday morning, and also we’ve obtained one much more two-stage endowment map signpost difficulty to do before this season’s through.

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First, you need to “search the endowment map signpost uncovered in Junk Junction.” That offers a an ext traditional endowment map clue resulting in the second location for stage 2: “follow the endowment map signpost in sky Palms.” That’s where you can case a battle star worth five tiers.

You simply need enough time to finish the “search” animation in both instances. And because each step is a distinctive stage, they need to be excellent in different matches. Together such, the best course of activity is to play exceptionally aggressive or just eliminate yourself by jumping off the next of the island into the sea.

Follow together with the video at the height of this article to watch the an exact locations in action, and also use our listed below map and also screenshots in ~ references.


Where to find the endowment Map Signpost discovered in Junk Junction

The very first location is clearly in Junk Junction. Soil in the facility of the depot simply north that the main building. The endowment map signpost encounters south and also is located simply inside a small alleyway, boxed in through a ridge of wooden pallets. Take keep in mind of the northwestern-most suggest of the key building, land directly north of the on optimal of the pallets, and you won’t miss out on the signpost.


Land right beside this absent on the eastern side of this ravines to insurance claim the fight star.Epic Games

Where to follow the endowment Map Signpost in Junk Junction

The treasure map recommendations the Fork-Knife ditches straight north of deadly Fields and also south of Dusty Divot. The battle star materializes on optimal of what we might also call the rock situated at the bottom of the knife blade. In various other words, that’s the large rock it is furthest eastern in this peculiar landmark.

According come the in-game countdown, Fortnite Season 8 ends on Wednesday, may 8. Therefore, Season 9 should start either Thursday, may 9 or Friday, may 10. One of two people way, there isn’t much time left to finish this or any kind of other challenges.

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