Week 9 of Season 3 kicks off via a treacertain map difficulty that will have actually you headed to Moisty Mire!
Seachild 4 is practically below, and it"s looking even more and also more prefer Tilted Towers is about to obtain demolimelted by a meteor. There"s still a little over a week to go through this present seachild, though, and also new Fortnite Battle Pass difficulties simply arrived to store you busy while we await that area"s eventual devastation.

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Wondering wbelow to go to finish this week"s treasure map obstacle and also grab the Battle Star? Let"s head out and also gain started.

Fortnite Moisty Mire Treasure Map Challenge

The treasure hunts are two-parters (type of -- you deserve to actually skip finding the map), starting through locating a map and then decoding its surprise message to figure out where to actually find the treasure.

In this instance, of course the map is in the Moisty Mire swamp, so try to jump off the Battle Bus as close to that area as possible.

When you search Moisty Mire, you will eventually uncover a authorize with the map listed below. Typically they offer some major landnote to try to figure out the treasure place, but this one is a little more esoteric, just reflecting trees and also footactions to a home.

The "X" indicates the star is on the roof of the house by a chimney. But what home, and also just how execute you get there?

Moisty Mire Treasure Map

Moisty Mire Treasure Location

If you rotate your head sidemeans (or revolve the map to the left), the triangle of trees pointing in the direction of a house actually looks prefer a area close to Retail Row, and that"s wbelow we are heading to complete the obstacle.

From the Moisty Mire area, head north until you arrive at the southwest corner simply before Retail Row (wbelow the road is visible on the map in grid coordinate G6). The specific area is marked in the Battle Royale map below.

If you follow the trees to the gap between the two roads, you should see a home. Head as much as the roof, and the Battle Star will certainly spawn. Just pick it approximately finish this weekly Fortnite challenge, and also then acquire onto the service of gunning down the competition.

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Grabbing the Battle Star

There"s more than one residence in this area, so if you do not see the Battle Star on the initially rooftop, just go to the following one, and it have to show up -- however be on the lookout for snipers!

With houses and a treeline, this is a perfect spot for sneaky players to lie in wait and take out anyone trying to complete the challenge. If they are nice, they will at leastern let you pick up the Star before pulling the trigger, but that"s not a certainty.

Fortnite 3.5 Moisty Mire Treacertain Hunt Location

Here"s the full lineup ofFortniteSeachild 3 Week 9 challenges currently available to play:

Deal damage to opponents" frameworks – 5 StarsSearch chests in Haunted Hills – 5 StarsBuild structures – 5 StarsVisit different Taco Shops in a single enhance – 5 Stars (remain tuned for a complete overview coming soon)Follow the treasure map uncovered in Moisty Mire (Hard) – 10 StarsShotgun Elimicountries (Hard) – 10 StarsEliminate adversaries in Lucky Landing – 10 Stars

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