The profit margin on alcohol is huge, but a high liquor expense (also referred to as pour cost or beverage cost) eats far at it.

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Lowering liquor cost, then, is among the most reliable ways to increase bar profits.

But to lower it, friend gotta know what the is, what the means, and how to uncover it.

What Is Liquor Cost? A Definition.

The meaning of liquor cost is the portion of a drink’s offering price the it expenses to make the drink.

You’ll listen pour expense percentage thrown about out over there on the internet. You’ll additionally hear beverage cost. They typical the same thing. 

Liquor price answers this question:

“How much of this drink’s retail price go I invest to do it?”

Answering that permits bar managers to tweak their wholesale purchases, recipes, and also pricing techniques (including mental pricing) for maximum profit. It'sa. Vtial part of restaurant accounting and can have a significant impact on her bottom line.

How Liquor cost Impacts Profit

Accurate liquor price numbers disclose inefficiencies. her bar might have concerns with over-pouring, spillage, undocumented comps, suboptimal food selection pricing, and even theft (there space actually plenty of ways employees steal).

Each that those above factors can influence your liquor pour price numbers.

Think around it:

Let’s speak you invest $3 top top materials and labor to do a solitary cocktail. If you’ve got bartenders offering drinks far for cost-free or overpouring, you selling less of your inventory. But you’re still payment the same amount for it from your vendors. That lowers her liquor cost and dents your profit. That's why you need to know how to price a menu and also factor in any shrinkage.

Food and also Beverage Directors mean a Pour expense of ...

Most food and also beverage directors expect an mean pour expense of, max, 20%. Though the really number will depend greatly on each bar’s pricing and what drinks space popular.

But a the majority of bar supervisors strive to have actually their pour price at around 15%. Yet a the majority of that counts on sales mix—the percentage of full restaurant sales that come native liquor, beer, or wine. And also what brands, party sizes, and also wholesale pricing a bar gets.

Food managers will also have to work on reigning in your food cost.

Average Beverage expense Percentage

Average restaurant liquor price in the hospitality industry in the U.S. Is in between 18% and also 24%.

But spirits, wine, and also beer all have tendency to have different beverage price percentages:

Some points to note about average restaurant liquor cost:

Liquor price is a percentage of margin, not a depiction of absolute profit amount. Sure, beer cost percentage is reduced than wine. But some wines offer for hundreds of dollars a bottle. There can be more gross profit selling expensive item at greater pour costs than cheaper item at reduced ones. A Hendricks gin-based cocktail v 8 other ingredients will have a various pour expense than pouring Hendricks neat. Keep in mental this variability as you read about and calculate your pour price percentage.

Liquor Cost: Bar-Wide vs. Solitary Drink

Most bars and restaurants think the pour expense percentage at a drink level and at a bar-wide level.

Here’s one example:

If a drink has a liquor cost of 10%, that method 10% of its retail price got in acquiring the ingredient (like club soda), making, and also selling it. It is a 90% profit. In other words, for every $1 of this drink you sell, your bar provides $0.90.

If your entire bar has actually a liquor price of 15%, that means the cumulative liquor cost for every drink averages come 15%. That also method your company makes 85% in gross profit. In various other words, because that every $1 the liquor that you sell, her bar renders $0.85.


What affect Liquor Costs?

There space three factors that affect liquor costs the most.

They are:

Ingredient price (including the alcohol itself)Number of drink soldDrink prices

Of course, over there are countless other an additional factors. If your overhead expenses are high, you’ll more than likely price drinks higher to compensate. If your labor prices are low, you may be understaffed and sell under drinks.

All the the operating expenses of a hospitality business ripple throughout present liquor costs. However the levers you can pull to lower liquor costs are the three main factors provided above.

You can either get much better deals from vendors, sell an ext drinks, or price lock differently.

How to calculation Beverage cost In Restaurant

Here we’ll lay out the pour expense percentage formula, then go with a three-step example of just how to calculation pour cost.

How to calculation Liquor price with Liquor cost Formula

The liquor expense formula is:

Liquor price = (Inventory intake ÷ full Sales) x 100

Let’s look at at an instance that puts it all in motion.

How to calculate Pour Cost: an Example

Say your bar used $15,000 worth of perform in a quarter. In that very same quarter, her bar’s complete alcohol sales to be $40,000.

$15,000 (Inventory usage in $) ÷ $40,000 (Cost that Product Sold) x 100 = 37.5% (Pour price Percentage)

Liquor price is 37.5%. That way it expenses the business, on average, 37.5% of a drink’s sale price to do it. The mean pour cost that many bar operator strive because that is generally between 18% and also 24%. Having a liquor cost at 37.5% is significantly high.

Someone isn't hitting their typical wine pours.

How to calculation liquor to water cost, versus bar-wide to water cost, adheres to the very same steps. Instead of identify inventory usage and also total sales because that the entire bar, simply calculate it for a certain drink.

Liquor price Calculator

You have the right to calculate liquor expense in two ways. The old-fashioned way with a pour expense spreadsheet, or the new-fangled means with a pour expense calculator app.

Liquor expense Spreadsheet Excel

Here’s our free, can be downloaded pour cost spreadsheet.

Once friend download it, girlfriend can modify the cells and also it'll perform the calculations because that you. Just input volume in milliliters, the price paid because that the bottle, and also how numerous ounces room used.

You’ll see an example of a costed-out boulevardier cocktail in it because that reference’s sake.

Once friend look in ~ that and understand those going on, delete it and also start costing your very own drinks.

The pour expense formula is the same regardless that the kind of beverage. That way a great pour expense calculator app can be your everything. Her beer pour cost calculator, her liquor pour cost calculator, and your wine pour cost calculator.

Pour expense Calculator App

A pour expense calculator app helps turn your sales and also usage numbers right into a trustworthy beverage price percentage. agree is industry-leading bar inventory software mechanism that help bars and restaurants across the country do just that. It also helps lower overhead costs by cutting her inventory hrs up to 85%.

Another benefit of automating pour cost calculations in a pour expense calculator app is the it’s easier. Sorting out all these numbers and also calculations manually is prohibitively time-consuming and also error prone. You'll never need to ask how countless ounces in a pint again.

Benefits of automatically Tracking Liquor pour Cost

A full picture of her liquor expenses helps maximize your profit margin. By automating it, you’ll have reliable and accurate numbers always. 

You’ll constantly know which drinks are, as right now constructed and priced, shedding propositions. Friend can readjust their pricing or ingredients.

You’ll know which drinks are most profitable. Climate you deserve to market them aggressively. You can additionally use them together a blueprint to decrease the pour costs of not-so-profitable drinks.

If your pour expenses are high, you may not be acquiring the finest prices from your vendors. Your staff may be contributing come a the majority of shrinkage or variance. Your alcohol pricing strategy might be off. However drinks with low pour costs don’t have actually these problems. So discover them and also learn from them. That will also make preserving your restaurant balance sheet much easier.

Automate Inventory v Pro

There room a many reasons for high pour cost. Over-pouring, frequent spillage, unrecorded comps, and even theft beat a role. At the exact same time, suspiciously low pour prices can likewise be symptomatic that a larger problem.

Mistakes in the bar list process, having actually inaccurate sales figures, or miscalculating pars and also variance have the right to all add to that. And screwy pour price numbers method your purchasing, food selection engineering, pricing, and restaurant marketing strategies room screwy, too.

Automating that all with a bar inventory app like agree is a good solution. Let us personally go you v why. You won’t remorse it.

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It’s a huge part of the bar perform magic behind running a rewarding bar. This is what you have to know about it. Remember, it's important to learn exactly how to control cost for restaurant organization to succeed. Otherwise you'll finish up a statistic in the high restaurant fail rate.