The procedure of summarizing data had on multiple worksheets on one worksheet is dubbed _____.

You are watching: ____ format codes allow you to specify how a cell entry assigned a format will appear.


_____ format codes enable you come specify exactly how a cabinet entry assigned a layout will appear.


Which the the adhering to keyboard shortcuts enables you to pick a range of cells through entires surrounding by blank cells?


You should create an excellent ___ to ensure her worksheets are free of errors.

Test Data

The complying with sequence, Jan, Feb, Mar, etc. Is an instance of a _____ series.


The following sequence, 1, 1, 1, etc., is an instance of a _____ series.

Auto fill

The adhering to sequence 2, 4, 6, etc. Is an example of a ____ series.


The adhering to sequence 1, 2, 3, etc. Is an instance of a ____ series.


Which the the adhering to is the course to the to fill button?

home tab & editing and enhancing group

It is recommended the you usage the _____ duty on recipe that perhaps can result in much more decimal areas than the applied format displays.


The path to the Sum button is ____

Home tab, modifying group

to copy the content of a cabinet to the cell directly listed below it, click the target cell and press ____.


You should hold down the ____ an essential to choose the nonadjacent cells.


Which of the adhering to format password insures that Excel will display a decimal suggest in the number?


Which that the complying with format symbols displays text along with numbers entered in a cell?

""(quotation marks)

You must click ____ in the classification list top top the Number sheet in the layout Cells dialog crate to pick or develop a layout code.


Which of the adhering to format codes shows percent values v two decimal places and also shows an adverse percent in blue with parentheses?


The route to the Comma Style button is ____.

(Home tab | Number group)

The ____ format is the style style that Excel originally assigns to every cells in a workbook.


A workbook has _____ worksheets through default.


You have the right to drill every one of the adhering to down v a workbook except ____.


A range that spans 2 or much more worksheets in a workbook is dubbed a ___ range.


A ____ referral is a formula that counts on its very own value.


Headers, footers, and also margins space all ____ options.

Page setup

You can display the ____ tab come specify page setup options.

Page Layout

You can switch to web page Layout view by clicking the page Layout switch _____.

on the standing bar

The code ____ instructs Excel come insert the page number in the header or footer section.


To select surrounding sheets, pick the very first sheet by click its tab then host down the ____ key and lick the paper tab in ~ the other finish of the perform of surrounding sheet tabs.


To pick nonadjacent sheets, select the very first sheet by clicking its tab and also then host down the _____ crucial and lick the sheet tabs that the continuing to be sheet you want to select.


If many sheets are selected and you want to select the active sheet, if you space using a touch screen, press and hold and also select ____ indigenous the shortcut menu.

Ungroup Sheet

A ____ is a recommendation to a cell or selection of cells in another workbook.


which the the following is the course to the Switch home windows button?

view tab & window group

As you attach workbooks, the cabinet reference inserted by Excel every time you tap or click a cabinet in a workbook results in a(n) ____ cell reference.

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You have the right to customize a style code in a cell entry come specify just how ____ are displayed in a cell.

positive numbers negative numbers zeros text

Which the the following fill actions deserve to you preform by dragging the to fill handle?

Jan, Feb, Etc. 1,1,1,etc 2,4,6,etc 1,2,3,etc

Which the the adhering to are true around the ring function?

If the number of digits debate is equal to zero If the number of argument is no included