We room nearing the end of Fortnite season 8, so you’ll be wanting to amass every the cost-free battle stars you deserve to to finish out that battle pass prior to the finale here. This week, we have some pretty basic challenges, for this reason unlocking the over loading screen should no be as well difficult, nor have to finding the mystery battle star it ideas at, either.

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The loading screen shows our great friend Peely being a moron, do the efforts to collect chests that are right now sinking right into lava as Default Skin tries to conserve him. I’m not specifically sure where they are, as with the volcano erupting soon, it might be everywhere the lava spreads. However maybe in the highway tunnel, which is wherein the lava right now ends? I’m not sure.

Regardless, it no really issue where lock are, we just need to know where the clue is pointing. And also if friend zoom in square in the center you can see pretty clearly:

I mean, there room two gigantic ships in Fortnite ideal now, one pirate ship and also one Viking ship, and also it’s pretty clear which one this is. Therefore yes, you room heading to Viking Village.



The unseen residents of Viking town have been slowly broadening their empire and also taking over all the homes over at Snobby Shores, a suburb that has seen its home value rapidly decrease now the it is right above a gigantic evil iceberg castle as of last season.

But right here you desire to it is in heading come the initial village, the one through the delivery precariously perched top top the waterfall. As soon as you get there, I think you will need to head come the optimal of the llama head in ~ the top, or if no there, top top the ship deck ideal behind it, i beg your pardon is whereby you will uncover your battle star.



Viking village is…not the calmest of drop zones, usually, so friend may need to fight your means to gain some peace and quiet in bespeak to gain the battle star you looking for. Generally these space in the center of loved one nowhere, however for some reason this time, Epic has actually chosen among the many iconic, recognizable landmarks in the game to put this one in. So much so i doubt you even needed this guide at all because it to be so obvious. However thanks for keeping me in business.

We have already seen the week 10 loading screen as well, which merely shows anyone staring in ~ the thing/ship under prey Lake, a thing/ship which probably will have actually some transformative building for season 9 here. We currently know the volcano is erupting and also destroying Tilted Towers and Retail Row, thanks to leaks. However past that, i think this point is going to climb up out of the earth and cause even an ext chaos. Continue to be tuned.

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