“I want you to endure the happiness, the joy, the goodness the you deserve.” mine voice sounded also serious and I wasn’t altogether sure why I’d liked those specific words. I myself wasn’t really certain why i was here, with her, around to do something i knew ns shouldn’t do.“I wish ns could manage what wake up next,” she said, her voice breathless. I gazed down right into her eyes and my heart quit as I witnessed the feel there. She was letting me in, baring her spirit to me in a naked, fragile way. She eyes reminded me the a young, chaste doe I’d checked out in the woods one year when I’d unable to do deer hunting with a friend’s family. I’d feeling guilty then and I feeling guilty currently as well.“There’s not much that is walk to occur next.” ns sounded harsher 보다 I’d intended. Ns didn’t know exactly how to tell her that i was mad in ~ myself and not at her. She wouldn’t recognize the inner turmoil I was in. “We’re going to kiss and then you’re going to dump the loser the a ‘boyfriend’.” I placed my hands on her waist and stilled them native going higher.“He’s no my boyfriend,” she squeaked out together she closed her eyes and lifted she lips as much as me, waiting. Her shoulders to be thrust back indignantly and also I stared down at the curve of she breasts and down to her long legs. She’d grown right into a beautiful young woman. A really beautiful young mrs that i knew ns shouldn’t permit myself indulge in.“You’re damn right he’s not,” i growled prior to bending down and lightly pushing my lips versus hers. They were so soft and sweet and she kissed me back eagerly as her fingers fumbled with my shirt. I got her hands and clasped castle in mine as I deepened the kiss, permitting my tongue to get in her mouth and taste the delicate hint of freshly choose strawberries that she’d just eaten. She moaned slightly together I sucked on she tongue and also my hands relocated up she waist, making their method up to she bra. Every thoughts of Cody warning me to stay away indigenous his sisters were far from my mind.“Oh, TJ,” she said as she ordered my hand and moved it up and pressed it versus her breast. “Oh, yes.”“Oh, no.” i stopped and pulled back. She eyes blinked open and she looked in ~ me with a contempt bewildered and also lost expression. She looked hot and also flustered and I loved it, despite I retained my grin to myself.“What space you doing?” She pouted. “Why did girlfriend stop?”“You didn’t think it would be this easy, go you?” I stated with a smirk, emotion hot and also bothered myself. “Nothing happens until I gain your decision.”“But, I simply can’t pretend to be her fiancée, TJ. That’s no right.” She licked her lips nervously.“You can’t?” I said softly, allowing my finger to map the curve of her lips. “Or you won’t?”“I read the contract,” she said and also swallowed. “What you’re asking—it’s too much.”“For girlfriend or for me?” i asked, mine eyes never ever leaving hers. “What’s 4 weeks, Mila?” I stated as I driven the reminder of my finger into her mouth and also watched as she suck it gently. She simply stared in ~ me, thinking, and also I can see her mind racing. She had actually no idea what to say or do. I’d beaten she at her very own game and she knew it. Now I was ready to take my prize. And also I was going to take it it whether she came to be my fake fiancée or not. Ns knew the for a reality as she nibbled on mine finger. She’d thrust me to the brink. I essential to have her now. Ns didn’t care about anything rather in that moment.“TJ, what friend asked, well–”My lips crushed under on hers to stop her indigenous speaking together my hand crept over her breast. My other hand relocated down to she shorts come unzip them. Ns was going come take she in the lake. It would be fitting. And also then, before I was around to f*ck her, I would certainly make she answer me and also tell me yes. She’d speak yes and then I would certainly take her, in the water, in the many primal fashion. And we would come to be one.“Hey, Mila.” Sally’s voice was heading in the direction of us and also I froze. “We’re getting ready come leave. Girlfriend ready?”I swore under my breath and stepped away from Mila together Sally came right into focus. She eyes narrowed at me together she stared at the two of us, and I knew that she knew what was in the contract.“Let’s go, Mila,” she said, and I can tell she wanted to to speak something else. “Cody wants to tell friend something before he leaves.”“Okay.” She nodded and also gave me a little smile together she headed towards her friend. “We have to go now, TJ.”“I’m walking to acquire your price sooner fairly than later, Mila,” i whispered as she walked past me. “And when I do, you’re no going to understand what struggle you.”Chapter EighteenMilaApril 18th, 2011Dear Diary,Nonno do me promise today that I would certainly marry for love and not for money. I told him the of course ns wouldn’t marry because that money. Ns think he to be worried due to the fact that Sally and I were talking around the car we wanted to drive as soon as we to be older. I’d love a selection Rover, black, sports edition. Nonno said to me that he really hopes I plan to work tough for it. Ns nodded, that course, however I think he heard me giggling come Sally informing her the TJ can buy me one as soon as we start dating. I don’t know if Nonno to be upset the I wanted to day TJ or that I wanted TJ to buy me a car. Which i really don’t desire him to buy. I was just joking. I have the right to buy my very own car.

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One day. If I ever make enough money.