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What to take into consideration When choosing the best French Door Refrigerator

French door refrigerators mostly differ in capacities, configurations, energy effectiveness levels, and also the finishes in i beg your pardon they’re available. Additionally, part models may offer smart modern technology or be an ext aesthetically pleasing than others. Prior to getting as well deep into a search for the ideal French door refrigerator, be certain to measure up your an are and determine your priorities and also preferences; this will help you select the design that will finest meet your needs.


One the the very first items to consider is the preferred material and also color for the refrigerator’s finish. Complete is one of the an initial things one notices about the refrigerator, and also it will certainly greatly influence how the appliance watch in a space. Some common material and also color finishes because that French door refrigerators include:

Stainless steelBlack stainless steelMatte black color stainless steelWhiteBlackSlate

Size and also Capacity

The size and also capacity the a French door refrigerator are also really important come consider. Capacity refers to just how much interior space the refrigerator and freezer offer, which impacts the quantity of food you’ll have the ability to store inside. Capacity is measure in cubic feet, with most French door refrigerators’ capacities ranging in between 21 and also 30 cubic feet. To determine the appropriate fridge capacity for your household, save in mind that 1 cubic foot typically equates to around one bag that groceries. A 19- to 22-cubic-foot refrigerator is usually adequate for a household of four with average shopping habits.

In enhancement to considering exactly how much refrigerator capacity girlfriend think you’ll need, it’s likewise important to measure up a refrigerator’s in its entirety size and also dimensions to check that it will certainly fit in the room you have. Measure up the space in your house carefully and consult the length, height, and also depth dimensions because that each French door frozen fridge you’re considering. If girlfriend have limited space in her kitchen or favor an appliance that’s flush through your countertops, you might want to take into consideration a counter-depth refrigerator.


The means in i beg your pardon a French door frozen refrigerator is configured impacts how useful it is and also how fine it is able to accomplish your demands. As you’re looking fridge configurations, take into consideration the all at once layout that the shelves, the size and also arrangement that the warehouse bins in the doors, and also the design and also location the the develop and/or meat drawers.

Because they have the right to accommodate containers of assorted sizes, refrigerators with adjustable shelves space the many versatile and are preferred by plenty of households. In enhancement to flexible shelves, part French door refrigerators may also have shelves that partially slide back to fit tall items, such as stockpots.

It’s also important come think about the method in i m sorry the fridge’s freezer is configured and designed. Though every French door refrigerators attribute a pull-out drawer freezer, the insides the the freezers might be laid the end differently. If there is an ice cream maker, make certain it is easy to access. Look for freezers that have stacked shelves inside the slide in and also out separately, which do it less complicated to access and theorem the freezer’s contents. Some French door refrigerators may also have two different drawers: one freezer drawer and a smaller drawer through an flexible temperature, which enables households come apportion that additional an are to beverages, frozen foods, vegetables, or other typically used items.

Energy Rating

A French door refrigerator’s power rating discloses the approximate annual electricity expenses of operating the refrigerator. Every appliance must be accompanied by an power Guide sticker or pamphlet that shows the cost selection for operating similar French door refrigerators. Comparing refrigerators’ power Guide data can help you pick an energy-efficient appliance the will conserve you money on your electric bills every year.

While shopping, girlfriend may notice that part French door refrigerators have actually an energy STAR designation. This label suggests that the refrigerator has met rigorous energy performance standards the reduce power costs and also a family’s environmental footprint. Power STAR refrigerators generally use around 33 percent less energy than older, less effective models.

Smart Technology

Smart French door refrigerators, additionally called connected refrigerators, offer more advanced functions than you’ll find on a standard refrigerator. Clever refrigerators can connect with various other smart tools in the home to permit users to change the appliance’s temperature with their smartphone, tablet, or personal home assistant.

Other attributes you may discover in a smart refrigerator incorporate autofill sensors for filling cups, the capability to create and share shopping perform or memos, and progressed climate-control settings. A couple of smart refrigerators are designed to enable users to tap ~ above the door to see inside the refrigerator, which permits you to browse because that food without opened the door and letting cold waiting out.


You’ll need to look at your new French door frozen fridge multiple times a day, therefore don’t discount the aesthetics of the refrigerators you room considering. One detail that can impact a refrigerator’s very nice one is the complete color, as pointed out above. Picking a finish shade that collaborates or matches your various other appliances, countertops, and cabinets deserve to go a long means in producing a cohesive-looking kitchen.

Many civilization prefer the watch of a built-in refrigerator because it blends in far better with the cabinets and also makes the frozen fridge look choose it truly belongs in the space.

Additional Features

Once factors like the refrigerator’s finish, capacity, and also energy rating are decided, consider whether over there are any type of extra attributes you’d like to view in the French door refrigerator girlfriend purchase. Some add-ons precious seeking the end include:

Door-within-door: part French door refrigerators have actually a small panel on one of the doors that can be opened individually to administer quick access to a few items save on computer in the door’s bins. Opening just the panel rather than the entirety door reduces just how much cold waiting escapes from the frozen fridge and, in turn, keeps energy expenses down.Ice and also water dispensers: plenty of French door refrigerators have actually ice and/or water dispensers for convenient accessibility to this necessities. Part water dispensers room on the exterior the the refrigerator, while others may be in the interior.Water filters: French door refrigerators may have built-in water filter to eliminate impurities for cleaner and also better-tasting drinking water.Programmable controls: French door refrigerators v programmable controls allow users to adjust the refrigerator’s temperature, lock the water or ice dispensers, examine on the water filter’s status, and set a predetermined amount of water to it is in dispensed each time the water fill button is pressed.Fingerprint-resistant finishes: Refrigerators that room fingerprint resistant function a unique finish the reduces smudges and fingerprints and keeps the surface looking tidy.

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Our optimal Picks

In deciding peak picks for the finest French door refrigerators, models that have optimal interior configurations, beneficial add-ons, and also are make by reputable manufacturers make the cut. This list includes alternatives that offer a range of capacities, finishes, configurations, and also special features, through the hope the there room French door refrigerators below that suit most all frozen fridge shoppers.