Full House: 10 Things About Nicky & Alex That Make No Sense Nicky and also Alex Katsopolis were a fun surpclimb for the later years of Full House. But as much as fans love them, periodically they make no sense.

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Nicky and also Alex Katsopolis were a fun surprise for the later years of Full Housage. Jesse and also Becky acquired married in seaboy 4, and also Becky announced her pregnancy soon after that. Seachild 5 brought a chaotic welcome for the bit twins, that were born on the day of Michelle"s birthday and also party.

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The Tanners love the youngest enhancements to the family members, yet it isn"t constantly easy to take treatment of two toddlers, particularly after increasing 3 girls already. As much as some fans love them, not every little thing around Nicky and also Alex makes feeling.

Lori Loughlin as Becky and John Stamos as Jesse in Fuller House
Some basic concerns aincrease in between the end of Full House and also the start of Fuller Housage. Rather than simply obtaining random twins off the street, the reboot cast the original actors, Blake and also Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit. The boys show up as college-aged taco truck hopefuls.

So much indevelopment is absent on wright here they visited school, how they grew up, what their really hopes and desires are, really anypoint that fans wanted to understand.

9 Absence

Fuller Housage Alex and Nicky
While Nicky and Alex were around plenty for Full House, they were on every one of two episodes of the spin-off. They rolled up to show how slouchy they were for the initially episode, and they came for the Tanner/Fuller Thanksgiving in the first seaboy.

As Stephanie and also DJ"s cousins, Nicky and Alex should have actually been featured a couple of even more times. At leastern they proved up in the first area.

In the Full House/Fuller House family members tree, Nicky and also Alex are the second considerable on-display screen babies. The initially is obviously Michelle, and also the last is DJ"s baby, Tommy.

Michelle is the only toddler to say anypoint amazing. Her baby wrangler trained her well. Nicky and Alex deserve to repeat a couple of words below and also tright here, however nothing prefer their cousin, Michelle. As for Tommy Fuller, the poor son is foracquired virtually automatically and maintains a sad level of involvement approximately the show"s complete. Thank goodness Nicky and also Alex actually do things.

7 Milestones

Everyone is essential in the Tanner home, but Nicky and also Alex only gain to live in it for around 3 and also a fifty percent years (that are on film). As a result, they do not get to celebprice as many type of milestones as Stephanie, Michelle, or DJ. The boys definitely learn to crawl on electronic camera, which Jesse keeps absent.

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But other than a couple of baby/toddler points, the boys aren"t the center of attention. Tbelow was plenty of exciting stuff to save up through by the show"s last few seasons, but one wonders what else Nicky and Alex can have actually gotten right into.

It is difficult to think that even 2 babies have the right to fit in that little bit broom closet in Jesse and also Becky"s attic apartment. At the beginning of Fuller House, Kimmy"s daughter refuses to live in the hobbit-sized area.

Once Nicky and also Alex are toddlers, they gain race auto beds in that room. How those points fit in tbelow is an excellent mystery.

5 Ages

Nicky and Alex aren"t exactly SORASed. SORAS is "soap opera fast aging syndrome" and also would certainly use even more to characters who go from birth to kindergarten in a couple of episodes, prefer Jonathan Matthews on Boy Meets World or Chrissy Seaver on Growing Pains. 

Nicky and Alex do not make that huge of a jump, but they execute go change from infants to toddlers quite easily. Baby Nicky and also Alex were played by Daniel and Kevin Renteria until the Tuomy-Wilhoit boys took over for the age-up.

With the quick jump to the damaging twos (it would seem), the boys thrive hair so quickly that their Uncle Jesse is more than likely questioning it in his mind.

The bad points run roughly via their bangs in their eyes half the moment, however haircuts are fairly a source of tension in between Becky and also Jesse.

3 Gender Norms

This one isn"t the boys" fault, yet Uncle Jesse is so set on keeping them away from girl playthings. He desires their hair in their deals with, however he doesn"t desire them to play through Michelle"s doll or obtain kisses from Aunt Ida.

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Jesse will speak at nopoint to make those youngsters macho males, however Becky talks some feeling into him so that the boys actually get a possibility to expush themselves.

Some might be inclined to constantly compare Nicky and Alex to the Olsen twins who played Michelle.

While this is organic, it does not entirely make feeling. Michelle has actually a much longer run on the display than her little bit cousins, and also while she is played by twins, she, herself, is not a twin.

1 Order of Names

With that shelp, Jesse"s boys take after the Olsens in an extremely distinct method. Radepend carry out fans say "Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen." Just as it"s constantly "Mary-Kate and also Ashley," it"s always "Nicky and also Alex."

It appears favor Alex will certainly just never come first; he"s relegated to the second banana in his twindom. This instance is not unwidespread for actual twins, yet it would be considerate to switch the names up from time to time.

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