‘Game the Thrones: The complete Collection’ & Season 8 Blu-Ray sets come this year!


It was inevitably coming once Game of Thrones to be over: a repertoire of the entire display on Blu-Ray and also DVD. However there’s more to it 보다 that. Housed in a stunning wooden shadow box shown by Robert Ball, the ‘Beautiful Deaths’ fame, the finish Collection consists of a never-before-seen reunion the the cast, past and present, hosted by Conan O’Brien. Girlfriend will be able to get the on December 3! and there’s more!


Naturally, season eight will certainly be exit on the own too in the complete collection. The end the same day, you may obtain Season 8 ~ above DVD or Blu-ray, and the Steelbook Blu-ray and also 4K Ultra HD versions. Additionally, Game that Thrones: The finish Series will also be accessible on DVD and also Blu-ray without the collectible packaging, with this cover:


As mentioned, the ultra-premium, limited-edition complete Collection Blu-ray set features ‘Game of Thrones: Reunion Special’, a two-part reunion display with cast members from the last season including Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner and more, and previously departed fan-favorites like Sean Bean, Jason Momoa, mark Addy and also others. Held by Emmy-award winning hold Conan O’Brien, the reunion was shot in front of a live audience in Belfast and includes segment of clip from both the show and behind-the-scenes. Here’s a nice hilarious clip that the special:

Additional bonus content consists of all-new deleted and extended scenes, animated histories and also lore pieces, fascinating behind-the-scene featurettes, audio commentaries and also the documentary Game the Thrones: The critical Watch, by filmmaker Jeanie Finlay, an initial aired ~ above HBO ~ the end of the season, featured here on DVD in two parts.

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Robert Ball’s creative contribution come the parcel summarizes the Game of Thrones story: every season is stood for by a various layer, showcasing above characters and also memorable moment from the show, all clambering toward the steel Throne. The collection also contains a “Hand that the King” pin clasp, i beg your pardon holds all nine tradition plated disc sleeves. You have the right to preview one unboxing the the set here.

Game that Thrones: The finish Collection and Game of Thrones: The complete Series on Blu-ray Bonus attributes Include:
Game the Thrones: Reunion Special: A reunion present shot live in Belfast v the cast, both past and also present, held by Conan O’Brien and easily accessible exclusively on this complete series collections. The reunion one-of-a-kind is assembled in segments focused on houses Lannister, Stark, & Targaryen and concludes with the an essential players every onstage because that their last reflections ~ above the year they shared in Westeros and Essos.Bonus content and also retail exclude, videos from formerly released separation, personal, instance season crate sets, totaling much more than 15 hrs of extra products for pan to discover when they’ve finished watching the series.
Game the Thrones: The last Watch: A documentary featured top top DVD in two parts by filmmaker Jeanie Finlay chronicling the do of the final season.When Winter Falls: Exclusive 30-minute featurette v showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, follow me with major stars and behind-the-scenes players, breaking down all that got in the colossal filming the the “Battle that Winterfell” in Season 8, episode 3.Duty is the death of Love: A compelling look at how the team behind Game of Thrones and its significant stars, including Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke, carried the present to its conclusion in the collection finale, “The iron Throne.”Audio Commentaries: 10 Audio Commentaries with cast and crew, consisting of the show’s creators, Benioff and Weiss, ~ above the final season.

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Deleted and Extended Scenes: 5 never-before-seen deleted or expanded scenes from season 8.Histories and also Lore: New man pieces providing the history and elevator of noteworthy season 8 locations and also storylines.That’s a Christmas gift if I ever before saw one. I’m an especially excited about the brand-new season eight documentaries, deleted scenes, and audio commentaries. What around you?