Watch An amazing Super reduced of Every epic ‘Game of Thrones’ Scene set to black Sabbath’s war Pigs


Daenerys had barely left Mereen prior to the web was lamenting the finish of one more season the Game that Thrones Sunday night. How will we ever get through an choice season without Littlefinger, Cersei, and crazed undead to help us feel prefer our national politics aren’t for this reason bad?


But don’t despair. For the next 8-10 months until HBO doles the end the couple of episodes the will comprise season 7, there are good articles, podcasts, and also videos everywhere the web. Us recommend you start with this one, a jaw-dropping modify of peak moments from throughout the Thrones saga collection to “War Pigs” by black Sabbath. (It is Thrones, so there’s brief nudity and lots and also lots of violence.)

Go ahead, clock it again. Fine wait.

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The creator of the beauty is a Sochi-based video clip editor named Zurab who has a raft that videos just like this one on his YouTube channel, Zurik 23M. Amongst his favorite reflects he perform the standard sword and also spear offerings – Vikings, Spartacus, GoT – but likewise Person of Interest and also Hell on Wheels. He also answers questions on pretty much anything, including video clip editing and an excellent TV mirrors on his page.

Editing is something most of us think we could do however if us tried our effort would look choose a kid’s frozen fridge art next to a museum piece. Therefore much much more than simply picking nice images and creating perfectly time transitions, editing builds a story arc in ~ a moment, combining filmed images, sound, color, depth, focus, range, and more. And it all needs to be invisible or we’re pulled out the the narrative. The truth is, we’re not really exposed come enough poor editing in entertain or media come really appreciate its artistry when its done well.

Here’s another example native Zurik’s GoT series, i m sorry plainly illustrates how he’s guiding the thousands of images. Flowing in addition to expository photos until that tough stop in ~ 1:19 climate hitting beat by to win to fight shots.

He also has personality tributes (Hodor, Stannis, etc.) and also slow reflect on aspects like see (We Live in a Beautiful World), and philosophy (The ship or the Fall).

Now obviously the “War Pigs” video was made just after illustration 9, Battle of the Bastards, so it didn’t include the action from critical weekend’s finale. Zurik remedied the today, posting Revenge, his latest providing that records things up with the finish of season 6.

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And, since we’re talking about editing we shouldn’t fail to mention that little moment that flew past most of us in the opening credits Sunday night. A few eagle-eyed viewers clued everybody else in quick that the distinct sigil was earlier on Winterfell, replacing the (icky) Bolton sigil native previous episodes.

Was simply so good to watch the home Stark sigil earlier atop Winterfell in the opened credits of