Actor Gary Busey attends The fifth Annual selection "The Children"s Charity that SoCal Texas hold "Em Poker Tournament" in ~ Paramount Studios top top July 22, 2015 in Hollywood, Calif.
— -- gibbs Gary Busey, whose dance execution has actually been panned even as fans have cheered his determination and also quirky post-dance comments, was tonight voted turn off ABC’s “Dancing through the Stars.”

After an noticeable struggle through his debut routine, judges stated the Oscar-nominated actor had shown advancement and diligence in finding out his material. Even though he had remained in ~ or near the bottom of the leaderboard in the 4 weeks that the Season 21 competition, the ballroom audience showed up to appreciate his performances and his unpredictable, humorous and also deeply contemplative answers to inquiries posed by present co-host Erin Andrews.

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‘Dancing through the Stars’ 2015: Kim Zolciak-Biermann Withdraws from Competition after Mini-Stroke
‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2015: Jockey Victor Espinoza out of the Running

Based on their performances from the previous two weeks, Busey and also Carlos PenaVega were both in jeopardy that princetoneclub.orging house tonight, yet Busey had the lowest combined total of viewers’ votes and judges’ scores.

He had an ext of his trademark comments as soon as Andrews asked for his reaction upon gift eliminated. He called his participation a beautiful experience, speak that with pro partner, Anna Trebunskaya, he had actually learned “things I had actually in myself the I might emphasize ~ above and far better with and also from and in and this has been a beautiful experience.”

He added: “The truth that i have been eliminated is false because my spirt through Anna’s cooperation will continue to be in this room transparent the show, therefore you won’t see united state dancing yet we’ll be there.”

His comment drew laughter from his other competitors and also their partners.

Reality TV star Kim Zolciak-Biermann was forced to withdraw from the competition critical week after enduring a mini-stroke that placed her in the hospital for three days. Doctors advised her not to fly to Los Angeles because that the Sept. 28 show. The show’s rules state the in the occasion of a health-related matter affecting a participant’s capacity to participate, the contestant should withdraw.

The 37-year-old “Don’t it is in Tardy” star has due to the fact that said she feels better. She started a petition asking the she and also pro companion Tony Dovolani be enabled to return to the competition.

Singer Chaka Khan and Triple Crown champion jockey Victor Espinoza have previously been eliminated.

Ten competitors and their agree partners tonight each had to execute one program commemorating their most memorable year.

Alfonso Ribeiro, the show’s season 19 mirror round champion and the brand-new host of “America’s Funniest residence Videos,” filled in together guest hold tonight together Andrews. Consistent co-host Tom Bergeron was lacking to be through his sick father.

Tonight’s height scorer: Bindi Irwin deserve 28 point out for her heartfelt modern-day routine come commemorate she late father, Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin, who died in a freak accident in 2006. Hough stated the regimen took her breath away. Tonioli told Irwin that her father was dancing with her every step of the means tonight. Inaba said the regime was well done. “Every time i watch girlfriend dance i feel choose I’m city hall the way you live your life,” she said. Irwin’s program earned the highest possible score of the night.

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Tonight’s standout moment: Singer Nick Carter brought a thrilling throwback minute to the show tonight once he carry out a crowd-pleasing jazz regime to “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” among the access time from his iconic young band The Backstreet Boys, and the judges were every for it. “That is what I speak to a mega sexy, mega hit,” Tonioli said. Hough said she would store her critique yes, really short, dubbing the performance “hot, hot, hot.” Inaba to be equally impressed. “Nick, friend know, you were yes, really princetoneclub.orgod as soon as you were v the Backstreet Boys yet you are far superior now,” she said. Carter earned 3 9s because that a complete of 27 out of a feasible 30 points. His score landed him in a three-way tie for 2nd place together Hayes Grier and Tamar Braxton.