hi! my name is milo zachary, yet you can speak to me bug, if you"d like. I"m a 19 year old, pre-everything ftm infectious diseases world fashion guy, and i use he / him / his or castle / castle / theirs pronouns. I reap dogs, sunshine, and strawberries. If you want to know more about me, feel cost-free to send me an ask or a private message!

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drink part water today! recognize that you are loved! remember to take care of yourself! eat miscellaneous nutritious! spend time with your family, friends and / or pets! don"t be so hard on yourself!
please recognize that i perform NOT forgive racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any other kind of hate!! if you space hateful towards anyone in ~ all, execute not monitor me. Ever. Also, you re welcome realize that i am recovering and also that i am an extremely sensitive. Ns cannot handle certain things really well. And finally, please, please, PLEASE carry out not follow me if you are a kink / nsfw blog!!

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1. What’s one thing you would choose to change about yourself?

2. Are you religious? If yes, what is her religion?

3. What was the ideal phase in your life? What was the worst phase in her life?

4. Space you the person you assumed you’d be when you to be little?

5. That is one person you would certainly talk to about anything?

6. Have you ever lost someone close to you?

7. Have actually you every had your love broken? have you ever damaged someone else’s heart?

8. Perform you think in 2nd chances?

9. What is one point that people constantly misunderstand about you?

10. What is your greatest regret in life?

11. What things room standing in between you and also complete happiness?

12. If you shed everything vital to friend tomorrow, whose arms would you run to in order to make everything okay again?

13. Does the most crucial person in your life know exactly how much they typical to you?

14. If you might send a article to the whole world, what would certainly you say to everybody?

15. If you to be going to dice tomorrow, what would you spend today doing?

16. How would you define yourself in 5 words?

17. What avenues have you not taken the you regretted not taking?

18. What would you do in different way if you knew the no one would certainly judge you?

19. If you can ask one person a single question and they had actually to price 100% truthfully, that would girlfriend ask and what would certainly you asking them?

20. If you might start her life over, what would you execute differently?

21. Room you currently holding on to something that you have to let walk of? If yes, what’s preventing you from letting go?

22. Room you living or just existing? how do girlfriend know?

23. What was the last point you did the was yes, really worth remembering?

24. What execute you want most out of life?

25. If you had one year left come live, what would certainly you want to perform in the next 12 months?

26. If you could get one great to come true, what would certainly that great be?

27. As soon as you think that home, what involves mind?

28. What scares you the most?

29. What is your greatest strength? What is your best weakness?

30. What did life teach friend yesterday?

31. What have actually you excellent in the past week to make someone’s life better?

32. What provides you special?

33. What was a time that you did not speak but you must have?

34. Explain what you want the next 5 years of girlfriend life come be like in a single sentence.

35. If friend knew when and where and how you to be going come die, would you life be better or worse?