"I mean it is comprised of some sort of tissue that is gaining harder as the animal is gaining older.

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""I suppose it is made up of some kind of organization that gets harder together the animal gets older."

As a indigenous speaker, the first one sound strange to me, but I can"t wrap mine head around why. I would also feel somewhat far better (but not totally okay) with:

"I mean it is consisted of of some type of tissue that is getting harder together the pet gets older."

Is the an initial sentence not correct or unnatural, or to be I just imagining things? If it is, why? ns feel prefer there is some grammatical ascendancy I am overlooking.

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I imagine these two sentences in two various situations.

I and also my coworker space conducting an experiment. We are in the middle of ours experiment and we have the right to observe what is walk on. Ns tell my coworker the very first sentence. We room in the center of the procedure and ns am telling him/her mine observation. So the is only organic for me to say the very first sentence and also avoid the second sentence as it would typical a general result drawn indigenous an ongoing experiment.

For the second sentence, i finished my experiment. Ns am creating my results. I usage the 2nd sentence. Since this is the an outcome we obtain from our experiment. "A" it s okay harder together "A" it s okay older.

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In the very first and third forms, "some kind of tissue" refers to a specific instance, the instance of the problem under consideration. That circumstances tissue is hardening significantly as the animal ages. Over there is arguably also a pointer in the phrasing that the hardening the that circumstances was it was observed or at least deduced.

In the 2nd form, "some sort of tissue" is used in a generic fashion, and (other instances of) that tissue have actually been recognized to normally or typically or always harden v the age of its connected animal.

Although not completely conversant through Indian princetoneclub.org, I have actually the impression that it provides -ing an ext freely, possibly giving all three creates the latter sense. The various senses are an ext natural in American princetoneclub.org, british princetoneclub.org and also some non-Indian oriental princetoneclub.orges.

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I would certainly say the each the your three sentences conveys a slightly different meaning:

"I intend it is made up of some sort of organization that is acquiring harder as the pet gets older."

Here, "as the pet gets older" is a herbal occurrence and also time frame, but is contrasted come something that the speak supposes come be occurring gradually and perhaps unnaturally (e.g., one illness). The continuous conjugation "is getting harder" permits for main point interpretations and also awaits clear up in a later on statement.

"I expect it is consisted of of some kind of organization that it s okay harder as the animal gets older."

The straightforward conjugation of every verb expresses what the speaker supposes to it is in a reality and, for this animal, a fact of life: together it it s okay older, the organization gets harder.

"I intend it is made up of some kind of organization that is getting harder together the animal is acquiring older."


Is the first sentence dorn or unnatural, or to be I simply imagining things?

Unnatural, yes...wrong, no necessarily. As soon as again, the continuous conjugations beg questions and also await clear up in later statements. Why say "as the pet is getting older"?

Were the clause came before by a comma, "as" would certainly be associated to "because" and aging would certainly be the supposed cause of the hardening. This would be a justified and also grammatically sound reason to to speak "is getting". Probably this is just a typo or lazy punctuation.

Another possibility (no comma) is that the hardening has not just been emerging gradually however has also been occurring for fairly some time, or that its results are worsening or becoming an ext problematic as the animal ages. That could likewise be the the speaker (vet?) wishes to imply that the hardening will only gain worse as the animal continues to age, and also so on.

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The shortcut is a little odd yet "is gaining older" may certainly serve a purpose, depending upon the on purpose of the speaker and also surrounding context.