Kate McKinnon stars together Mila Kunis in following month’s comedy, The Spy that Dumped Me, i m sorry afforded she the chance to work with an idol of hers, together McKinnon called Cover Mag:

“I won’t say i was the world’s best X-Files fan due to the fact that I have actually heard the X-Files fans the were an ext rabid than me, yet I was close to the height ten,” the Saturday Night Live star joked. “So once you meet someone that is a god in her childhood, it’s a an extremely strange suffer to all of sudden be over there working through them. She was professional and lovely.”

A strange experience, huh? Yeah, well, this is just how Gillian Anderson explains that experience:

Gillian about when she met Kate Mckinnon, this is for this reason cute! pic.twitter.com/zvAZsA6i5Z

— Pri