Giuliana Rancic isn"t just using her four-year-old boy as fashion inspiration - that looks like he can be her fitspo model, too. 

Rancic mutual a photo on Instagram that"s obtained a lot of people super concerned. 

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For awhile, it did appear that the waif-thin star was placing on part much-needed load after her bout with cancer and also the incessant eating disorder rumors ...

But that seems to have dropped away, leaving her with a structure that resembles a an extremely tall (very gorgeous) four-year-old. 

Though she"s been posting photos of food on she Instagram account a lot together of late, the above pic still gives pause because that concern. 

Earlier in the year, Rancic sported a lot fuller-looking figure, and she appeared pretty healthy and also confident if doing it. 


Now the the colder-weather season has begun, though, Rancic seems choose she"s law the opposite of what many of us execute this time of year, i beg your pardon is get a couple of pounds. 

Though it doesn"t appear that she"s returned to her scary-skinny load from the 2015 Grammy Awards, she"s still an ext than just a little svelte. 

Rancic previously addressed eating disorder rumors, and also said, "I execute not have an eating disorder."

"I have actually never had actually an eating disorder," she continued. 

"In fact, ns eat a lot. People constantly love come tweet "Eat a burger." " 

"I eat burgers. It"s not working," she conceded. 


We certain hope you"re doing well, Giuliana. 

Anybody v a history of health such together yours must do their really best to take treatment of themselves. 

Looking good is a major priority for part people, however health is far much more important. 

In addition to undergoing chemotherapy treatment, Rancic additionally had a dual mastectomy in 2011. 


G herself formerly talked around another celeb who shed a ton of weight throughout a turoulend time in she life. 

Remember the time LeAnn Rimes gained super, frighteningly, breakable-looking skinny? 

Giuliana weighed in on the one and also said, " lost a many weight from every the anxiety in her life." 

"She seems a small thin appropriate now, and also I think she looks great when she"s a little curvier."

Same, girl ... And same for you, too. 

Be well, okay? 


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