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"Because" is a song taped by English rock band The Dave Clark 5 from their third studio album American tourism (1964). Composed by Ron Ryan yet credited come Dave Clark and produced by Adrian Clark, the track was originally the B-side to "Can"t You view That She"s Mine" in the UK. "Because" to be released together a single in the unified States and also reached number 3 on the us Billboard hot 100 chart. It likewise charted in ~ number three in both Canada and new Zealand. Julian Lennon exit a variation of the song which peaked in ~ number 40 top top the UK Singles graph in 1985. Much more »

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It"s appropriate that I should care about youAnd try to do you happy when you"re blueIt"s right, it"s best to feeling the method I doBecause, because I love youIt"s wrong to say i don"t think that you"Cause once you say these thingsYou recognize it provides me blueGive me one kiss and I"ll it is in happyJust, just to be through youGive me, provide me, a chance to be close to youBecause, due to the fact that I love youGive me one kiss and also I"ll it is in happyJust, simply to be v youGive me, offer me, a opportunity to be near youBecause, since I love youBecause, since I love you

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The Dave Clark five The Dave Clark five (also recognized as "The DC5") was an English pop rock group. Its solitary "Glad every Over" knocked the Beatles" "I desire to hold Your Hand" turn off the height of the UK singles charts in January 1964: it at some point peaked at number 6 in the United states in April 1964. An ext »

Written by: DAVE CLARK

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“Don"t speak, i know simply what you"re sayin", for this reason please prevent explainin", Don"t call me "cause it hurts.“