Welcome back to our Firm of the Future profile collection about prospering firms who space benefitting native the cloud andQuickBooks® digital Accountant(QBOA) to better serve clients and find brand-new revenue opportunities. In this brand-new article, us spotlight Justine Lackey of an excellent Cents Bookkeeping.

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Mindy King: Tell us around your bookkeeping and/or taxation practice.

Justine Lackey: I started my career in bookkeeping an ext than20 year ago, working with artists and also in galleries in new York City. Eleven years ago, i “hung the end a shingle,” hired my first employee and began the process of structure a virtual accountancy business. An excellent Cents has grown come a devoted team of 10, and the guiding rule in our office is developing an “atmosphere the excellence” – both because that our employees and also our clients. Great Cents works through a selection of industries, yet we really shine as soon as it pertains to working v artists, an imaginative professionals and also agencies, and also internet marketing specialists. We invest a lot of time cultivating coherent relationships v our clients and I think it shows. Ns am an extremely proud come say few of our clients have been with us for over 15 years, and also many of them for much more than a decade!

MK: How long have you been making use of QuickBooks virtual Accountant?

JL: I can’t pinpoint precisely when I began using QBOA, but I perform remember making use of QuickBooks digital (QBO) as early on as 2005. That’s the year my kid was born, and also I began working for the midwives who yielded him, that were using QBO once I began the gig. Ns think I started using QBOA part time around 2010.

MK: What encouraged you to do the relocate to QuickBooks virtual Accountant?

JL: As one individual, my an individual kryptonite is inefficiency – I’m always looking for methods to enhance how an excellent Cents operates. In stimulate to attain that goal, I on regular basis invest in both mine team and myself, as soon as it concerns skill building and also implementing brand-new tech.

When I began dabbling in QBOA, ns was lucky sufficient to attach with superb account manager over at Intuit®. He invested a lot of time educating me ~ above the services of QBOA and every one of the awesome brand-new features that QBO to be rolling out. Mine QBOA rep assisted me yes, really “get” that the audit industry was relocating to the cloud, and also it to be time because that myself, and also my team, to get in front of the discovering curve.

I take it the leap and also invested in a full day of cultivate for anyone on the staff, consisting of our operations manager, to end up being QuickBooks virtual Certified ProAdvisors®. That ranks in among the peak five best decisions I ever made for my business.

MK: What space your objectives for your exercise this year?

JL: Our firm is in a comfortable location in regards to size. I am no eager to come to be a vast practice. It’s crucial to me to have coherent relationships with my employees and my clients, and also that i do not care harder the bigger you end up being as a firm. As always, this year us will continue to focus on team advancement and education. The next huge training on our to-do list is for Zapier because it’s a piece of technology that you can implement across so countless apps + QBO. The one area ns will emphasis on growing is my exclusive coaching practice, where I aid other bookkeepers and accountants discover the an abilities they must scale their practices and teams.

MK: What’s your favorite away-from-the-office ar to acquire work done?

JL: I don’t do much work the end of the office. Together the mother of three children, and an entrepreneur, the “work-life balance” point has had actually a steep, and also often painful, learning curve. I shot to compartmentalize my work-related to organization hours, and when i work, it’s in the office (although, prefer all virtual professionals, I can work indigenous anywhere). Mine life is for this reason much better with for sure work-life limits – I even took email off mine phone 2 years earlier and mine life is much much better for it!

MK: Where’s the craziest location you’ve done work-related for a client?

JL: True story. Ns was functioning in a famed stylist’s office in the garment ar in brand-new York City when I was pregnant through my first child. Those days, I provided to travel approximately to every of my clients’ offices and also it wasn’t uncommon for me to obtain stuck at the worst feasible desk, no matter which office ns traveled to.

I remained in heels, six months pregnant, climb a ladder into a “loft” – where you couldn’t stand totally upright no less – to gain to my desk. The ranked as one of THE worst workspaces I ever before had.

Climbing the ladder, I found myself thinking, “I’m six months pregnant … why in the heck am i climbing a ladder in heels? ns have got to figure out how I deserve to work from home!”

And, so i did. Ns loaded all my client’s papers on my house computer and started come FedEx mine work back and forth in earnest. And, that, mine friends, is exactly how I an initial started working practically 16 year ago!

MK: What’s your number one timesavings tip?

JL: Client education! Teach your clients how to occupational with you. Don’t just provide them a paper or send them an email – everyone is for this reason overloaded v information, chances are they won’t check out it anyway. Gain on the phone, or far better yet, have actually them sign up with a video conference and educate lock on working through you.

MK: When you’re not working, what’s her favorite means to invest your time?

JL: Volunteering, making art and also writing! ns am very, an extremely active in my town, both in the schools and in local civic activities. Ns absolutely adore security time in mine kid’s classrooms, even if it is that’s together a mystery reader, or coming up with, and bringing in, seasonal arts projects. I love connecting with members of mine community and also I yes, really love, love, love where I live.

I have actually been gradually working ~ above a book (aren’t we all?) for the previous two year or so. I gain writing, and this year I’ve been attending my first writing class, i beg your pardon is fantastic!

MK: What advice execute you have actually for peers that space still on desktop?

JL: It straightforward to obtain stuck in our ways, but if you space still on desktop, I would encourage girlfriend to make the leap to QBOA. Take benefit of every the complimentary training Intuit gives for QBO. Skill building is so vital if you want to stay pertinent in your industry and also that is particularly important because that accountants and bookkeepers.

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There are likewise a variety of really awesome Facebook groups where friend can communicate with her peers. I’ve found out few of my finest solutions come tricky troubles by posting in those groups and also because others have helped me. That takes time to build brand-new skills, but, overall, we conserve a TON the time utilizing QBO.