I started a survey through Google form. Everypoint is fine. But one Answer was accidentally offered twice. As I taken, tright here are two locations of the answers. Internal, of the create and also a copy of each answer is sfinished to a spreadsheet. Deleting a single Row in the spreadsheet has actually no result to given answers from the develop. So, exactly how can I delete a single entry of that form answers? Any suggestions?



ruben was true till exceptionally freshly.

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This is now possible on the New Google Forms. (Google announcement on the 10th of February 2016).

The New Google Forms enables you to delete responses from within a Google Form.

Delete ALL of the responses:


Delete individual responses:


To delete individual responses you click the "Responses" tab and select "Individual". You find the document you wish to delete and also click the trash deserve to icon to delete that individual response.Make a note yet that the response/s will certainly NOT be deleted from the linked to the develop spreadsheet (nor will any kind of records they had to uppack as part of the form).

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