Game mode: Online main #1025 (And single-player)Type the issue: BugServer type: PvERegion: EU

It is nearby to impossible to actually place larger objects ~ above wedge foundations. Especially a Wheel the Pain. I have a hexagon that is 6 wedges across, and then build three square structures out from each side the the hexagon. The wedges in between the squares are then fill with an ext wedge foundations, leading to a 12-sided structure, i m sorry is around 12 foundations across.

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Like this:


It appears that the material used is irregularity for this issue. I have tried switching the foundations out through ceiling wedges, which also did nothing to help.

The concern is that it is close to impossible, together in I have not to be able, to location the wheel of ache on this foundation. I relocate it around, I turn it, ns raise and also lower it. Yet no issue what ns do, I get the error: no Aligned sufficient With The Ground.

Occasionally I acquire an error saying: Overlapping with one more object or terrain.



The terrain listed below the structures is reasonably hilly and the whole structure is a solitary layer ~ above side, yet close to three layers on the contrary side. I suspect that the basic terrain somehow influences the placement.

I can location a better wheel though, however it is skewered in relationship to the center and thus is no an option.

The walls and also especially workstations could be working against you traction the workstations in the interim and try again the following step would be eliminate walls however those nothing seem to be close enough to interfere. Have actually that difficulty with maprooms all the time wonder if last few patches have transferred that difficulty to wheels now.

I recreated the worry on singleplayer, wherein I had actually neither walls nor workstations. I execute not check out those as a problem.


Only point i can think that is it cannot number out the center lock points on the wedges. Monster question, have you tried relocating it much more right/left of the center point?What we watch is flat terrain once all the wedges/foundations room connected, however what the video game is in search of in password is lock points. Most structures the horizontal lock point out (edges), and vertical lock points(around then edges and also exact center). Wedges have constantly been skitzo v its facility vertical lock allude when do the efforts to affix anything non wedge like. So it may just be that, and also may take a small luck to lock that in. But it certainly is a an insect no matter what the reason.

Azzend may 18, 2019, 2:21pm #6

I execute a lot of shifting and also up and down I shot not to get it walking at edge the up and down part is tricky sometimes. Should have asked is there mode on either setup.

Barnes may 18, 2019, 2:20pm #7

Hey there, I have just tested it double on a private server, and once in SP. I have been can not to duplicate your issue. Both time on MP I built the wedges external from the center ring (hexagon).


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Jim1 might 18, 2019, 3:33pm #8

Flameblade, can I suggest a various layout because that the foundations? it has worked for me because that a maproom on a 3rd floor.

Build a center ‘circle’ from wedges, 2 blocks wide. From the point, expand 6 radial square structures for 3 blocks, offering you a total width that 8 foundations. Then, to fill in the remainder with wedges. The structure is essentially the same as you depicted, however the stability is enhanced. I have actually verified this ~ above a roof through the fix hammer. Do not add walls yet.

See if placement works on that, probably in solo through sandstone.

For maprooms, you are using nearly the whole structure and also it’s tough to place, and a bit tedious, yet possible. Horizontal movement linked with rotation ‘finds’ a placeable location.

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If the works, girlfriend can include walls or prolong the circle, or add archer stands to the external circle. Mine was a maproom on a 2 floor building, clan accessibility to the room underneath, public access to the maproom through an exterior stair set, if possible, resulting in water deep enough to discourage purgers.