He kissed a girl and also he favored it! Olympian Gus Kenworthy, who is open minded gay, revealed the he when made out through Miley Cyrus.

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While completing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Kenworthy, 25, participated in an NBC panel wherein athletes disclose their celebrity crushes. “I was sitting there like, ‘Do i say Zac Efron or Jake Gyllenhaal and play it off like I’m joking?’ ns didn’t understand what to do and also so ns was like, ‘Um … Miley Cyrus,’” he recalled that the suffer in a brand-new interview with the allegedly podcast top top Tuesday, July 18.


Gus Kenworthy and Miley Cyrus Allen Berezovsky/WireImage; Matthew McNulty/Getty Images

The skier defined that NBC tweeted Cyrus, 24, come tell her the news, and to Kenworthy’s surprise, she reached out. “Miley tweets me ago and complies with me and starts messaging me and also I’m like, “’Oh, mine God, this is f–king crazy. We’re friends and she’s a gay icon.’”

The “Malibu” singer, that at the time was on she Bangerz Tour, invite the silver- medalist come a march 2014 show she was play in Denver, and also it was there that the duo took your friendship to another level. “ all went to the show and also then partied through her later on and that was really cool. We never ever slept together. I had the opportunity, however we had a makeout,” Kenworthy disclosed. “It was great! she’s really, really sweet and I’ve hung out with her a couple of times since. She’s ago with Liam — she wasn’t at the time — and I obtained to fulfill him a couple of times and also they’re great.”

The British-born competitor, who came the end in 2015, admitted the although the “enjoyed” the encounter, something feel off. “I had fun, however I likewise felt prefer really stunner guilty afterwards,” he said. “And i wasn’t certain if the was due to the fact that I was perhaps doing something that was like, ‘Does everybody feeling guilty ~ doing this? Or is it because I’m gay and really hiding it?’ but I to be able to perform it and enjoyed it sort of. And I likewise felt prefer it was what ns was supposed to it is in doing.”

Kenworthy additionally explained on the podcast that he is right now “kind of” in an open relationship with his long-distance love, Matthew Wilkas: “We’re other people. If there’s an chance we’re both open for that and also we’re really communicative about it. He is really basic to gain along with. He’s choose the sweet guy, honestly. He’s super funny,” the athlete gushed. “It’s long-distance so the poses challenges, but we do it work.”

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