Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and much more headed come Sony pictures Studios Saturday evening in your red carpet best to pick up their antler trophies in ~ the entertainment-packed Guys an option Awards. Together they commemorated all things man in black color tie attire, was on-hand to take it in the comedic show,

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1. There were genuine tigers at the display - and also plenty of entertainment: “Holy sh*t, there’s a genuine tiger,” Robin Thicke said after acquisition the stage in a black color three-piece suit to open up the show. As he carry out Michael Jackson’s “Rock through You” and also Al Green’s “Let’s continue to be Together” with the “Black Daddy” band, over there were without doubt two large tigers circling behind a glass wall surface to his side. One seemed to enjoy Thicke’s power so much that that licked the glass throughout it. The live animals were just one part of the stunning, vibrant set. A team of about a dozen glitzy-costumed dancers performed transparent the evening together well, also hopping right into the on-stage roulette wheel at one allude and kicking up your heels to the music. (Later, Thicke attach "Our brand-new Girlfriend" winner Gigi Hadid—who's newly solitary at that—on the stage.)

2. Olivia Munn hasn’t forgotten she ‘Attack of the Show’ Roots: Munn might be starring in large budget movies like The X-Men Apocalypse, yet she made certain to pay tribute to she “first job,” as organize of G4’s Attack of the Show as soon as she accepted her award for the Jean Claude Gahd Dam Award. “It was a couple of years back now, but this all started because of my job on G4, Attack of the Show, and also so ns just have to say the it’s due to the fact that of those men on Attack the the Show, my cohost and also all the fans there that I have anything I have actually today. So, thank you very much,” Munn said after hitting the phase looking stunning in a sheer, black color lace minidress and also black pumps.

3. Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney space still finest friends...and so room Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck: As Mulroney gift the woman of the te Award to Roberts, he mentioned that they became best friends while filming the 1997 rom-com My finest Friend’s Wedding, and have “been ideal friends ever before since.”’s June covergirl to be glowing as she took the stage in an off-the-shoulder black color onesie and also black heels, flashed her famous smile in ~ Mulroney and also gave that a hug. She told the crowd that she and Mulroney had been “texting around so countless things,” and also gave a sweet shout-out to her husband Danny Moder. “I evaluate being named Woman the the Decade,” she said. “Ten great years, and in one month, ns think, native today, i will have actually been married for 14 years. So ns think Danny Moder has actually led me right into this decade, therefore I thank him.”

Damon and also Affleck take it the stage later on in the night after ~ Robert DeNiro presented them with their guys of the te Award. “I think it goes without saying the this is an compensation Matt and also I have been dreaming about since us were tiny boys,” Affleck joked together they stood side by side holding their antler trophies. They couldn’t aid but take it a jab at their friends George Clooney and Brad Pitt if they to be up there, through Damon adding, “We will cherish this...and we want to acknowledge some of the various other nominees. Several of the dudes who weren’t rather as te worthy. George Clooney and Brad Pitt.” They went on come name several others including “Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith.”


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4. Andra Day and John Legend provided a touching Tribute to Muhammad Ali: Following Ali’s fatality Friday night, the duo perform Whitney Houston’s “The greatest Love of All,” with Legend playing the piano together they both sang. While they performed, a video montage of the famous boxer and also humanitarian played over them. It to be so moving that the room was silent after the performance. MMA fighter Tito Ortiz, that told Ali’s fatality was “a loss to the world,” stood throughout the entire performance.

5. Servicemen and servicewomen were provided the can be fried respect at the show: There to be dozens that servicemen and also servicewomen ~ above hand in the audience, and also stars favor Julia Roberts, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck every made certain to give thanks to them in their acceptance speeches. During commercial breaks, Roberts, Damon, Affleck and more posed for as countless photos together they possibly can with those who approached them. There to be a long line at one point for photos v Roberts, and she smiled and chatted through each serviceperson that approached her.