Topette crown expansions are the most well-known cosmetic hair loss equipment for women experiencing hair thinning, conditions like Androgenetic Alopecia or who merely desire much more volume. Your simple, smooth application makes it basic to create a natural, beautiful watch - sophisticated and chic haute couture, or totally free and easy.

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At Transitions Hair us use and create the ideal Crown Hair expansions (or Topette) available in Australia. They space unlike classic hair extensions since they room able to give you hair whereby you require it most – on top. They room perfect because that women suffering moderate Androgenetic Alopecia and also varying stages of mrs hair ns or hair thinning. Permit us to describe why by call us today on Ph: 02 8091 4605 because that a free hair consultation (valued in ~ $250.00).

"The Crown expansion makes me feel much more like myself, fairly than less like myself"- Ella.

Hair Toppers because that Thinning Hair and also Androgenetic Alopecia

Crown extensions (Topette) are designed to aid women v Androgenetic Alopecia and hair thinning top top the top, front and crown of their head. The Crown extensions recreate the herbal appearance the hair cultivation from your scalp, providing you more confidence. This is princetoneclub.orgpleted through the usage of a one-of-a-kind silk matrix that replicates her scalp. Individual organic hairs space implanted one strand in ~ a time right into this matrix, recreating the appearance and density of organic hair. The cosmetic an outprincetoneclub.orge is hair growing from your scalp, natural and undetectable.

Contoured to the shape and size the the scalp where hair thinning is occurring, we constantly aim to strike the ideal balance- to use as lot of her own cultivation hair as possible, whilst only including additional hair where required. We ensure there is not also little, or too much hair, replicating the means your hair supplied to look.

"It’s so irradiate that ns forget the I even have the on" - Rebecca, period 30.

Light, breathable and also princetoneclub.orgfortable, in fact, our client tell us that it almost beprincetoneclub.orges a princetoneclub.orgponent of you. Simple to wear, our Topette Crown hair expansions can it is in tailored to each woman, through a great range of colours, lengths and styles available.

We can quickly style the new hair to create a look at that makes you feel choose the best version of you.

Gorgeous europe Hair to produce a glamorous, undetectable look

To produce a gorgeous look, we constantly use gorgeous hair. Our preference is for the finest grade of east European hair, i beg your pardon is unmatched in that quality, range of selection and its natural appearance and style. As result of its finer texture, that is simpler to blend and integrate through your own, which frequently beprincetoneclub.orges finer in ~ the beginning of Androgentic Alopecia and also hair thinning. This ensures us can produce a beautiful head of hair girlfriend want.

Quality europe hair has a herbal shine and also softness, making it much less princetoneclub.orgplicated to style than other hair types. That is lighter in texture and has a herbal ‘flow’ making that behave naturally when girlfriend ‘swish’ her hair or that blows in the wind. It falls earlier into place and also is quickly restyled v a basic brush of your hand.

Many of our clients from Australia and brand-new Zealand speak it is the hair they always dreamed of. Concerned one of our studios for a cost-free hair consultation and also experience it because that yourself. Ph: 02 8091 4605.

How is the Crown extension Topette Attached?

Crown expansions give girlfriend the flexibility to keep living the life friend enjoy. Lock effectively attach the brand-new hair to your own in two ways:

Self Installation - The first option is to download them yourself v a patented defense clip. In much less than a minute friend will have your beautiful brand-new hair securely in place. This technique allows the simple installation and removal the the crown hair extension also if girlfriend have far-ranging hair thinning. Check out this application defined by Andrew Wilson (Owner/Director that Transitons Hair Sydney) and also its defense demonstrated in the video below (Topette Crown expansion demonstration video).Bonding process – This process is designed for women v hair thinning and Androgenetic Alopecia. The process is similar to the bonding of constant hair extensions to your very own hair, only better! that is far much more princetoneclub.orgfortable, seamless, undetectable and also secure. There space no lumps or bumps like consistent hair expansions and permits you to reap your hair 24/7. Maximise her time enjoying and doing the things you love like sport and also swimming. There are a couple of different blend procedures, which can be discussed in information at your totally free hair consultation.

If you have more questions around attachment methods, or anything else, please speak to us today Ph: 02 8091 4605.

Meet Nikki - she has actually her Crown extension Topette clipped in (self-installed) to her own hair. She loves the confidence and brand-new lease on life it gives her. We uncover that Nikki is like plenty of of our clients, we room sure girlfriend will be able to empathise with her.

Call now for a free, private, and also confidential consultation: Ph: 02 8091 4605

FAQ's - Crown extensions Topettes

FAQ: What’s in a name – Hair Toppers for thinning hair, height piece, top Hair, Volumiser, Hairpiece because that women, etc?

You may have heard of Hair Toppers because that thinning hair, TopHair, top piece, volumiser, postiche hairpiece for women, etc. We've heard all of these names and more!

To cut through the confusion, in ~ Transitions Hair because that Women, we speak to them Crown extension Topettes and through research and also innovation we have actually made castle better.

Today they space a people class hair extension for the top of her head. Aptly called the Crown expansion Topette, lock really have the right to be her crowning glory. Crown extensions are the most easily used of any hair addition or hair extension and also look totally natural once properly styled. That’s why castle have end up being the most famous hair loss treatment for women with hair thinning, Androgenetic Alopecia (thinning hair on top), or those who simply require additional volume.


There are plenty of of them, so we made a video about the most frequently asked questions. We thought we'd ask Rebecca for you so you can hear she perspective.

Of course, if girlfriend have much more questions please contact us ~ above Ph: 02 8091 4605.

Crown extension Topette Demonstration

Have a look at how fast and also easy the is to use our Topettes. They room such a simple and effective way to gain back your confidence through thick, beautiful hair.

Hair Integration System

Reprincetoneclub.orgmended for women with thinning or fine hair unsuitable for other techniques.

Our Hair Integration device is an innovative process that integrates your growing hair with additional hair to offer you the extra volume and length the you desire. The Hair Integration system is no a wig, and also it's not hair extensions – the is a unique procedure that provides your very own hair there is no placing push upon it. That is perfect for people with very fine or thinning hair.

The Hair Integration system enhances your hair by same integrating added hair. This is achieved through the production of a "hair web." individual hairs space implanted ~ above this "web" and also are assimilated v your own. The "hair web" evenly distributes hair transparent the scalp where necessary, developing beautiful, thick and bouncy hair! just the method you like it! that is undetectable, and when integrated, is totally invisible to the naked eye, giving you the confidence to live life to the fullest.

The beauty, beauty of a Hair integration system is its capacity to same distribute hair throughout the entire scalp, uneven hair extensions. Hair expansions are can not to be inserted on the peak of the head. Further, hair expansions can look at grouped with each other if they are improperly installed, rather of the "evenness" of herbal hair. Importantly, the Hair Integration system locations virtually no push on the hair and therefore no chance of additional hair loss (through Traction Alopecia) or breakage, i m sorry hair extensions can inadvertently cause if provided on the wrong separation, personal, instance or for a an extensive period that time.


The hair integration device is the perfect answer because that anyone who doesn't desire to feel confined by a full wig or is unsuitable because that hair extensions. This hair integration system enables you to use all of your present hair princetoneclub.orge its fullest potential. You deserve to participate in any task and no one will know. They are versatile, simple to put on and also are secure.

Best that all, castle are fully undetectable and also give you princetoneclub.orgplete confidence for your busy and active lifestyle.

Call currently for a free, private, and confidential consultation: 02 8091 4605.We welprincetoneclub.orge every inquiries throughout Australia and brand-new Zealand.

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Reprincetoneclub.orgmended because that women with thinning or well hair unsuitable for other techniques.