This week to be absolutely packed v red carpets, especially because the mainly kicked off through the 2019 Met Gala & some of our favourite stars stepped out in their finest looks to-date!

Kicking turn off this week to be fashion’s greatest night that the year, the Met Gala, top top Monday, might 6 at the metropolitan Museum of art in NYC. This year’s template was “Camp: note on Fashion,” and also we experienced some pretty outrageous looks, as well as some quite stunning dresses. Among our favorite looks native the occasion this year came from Kylie Jenner, 21, who arrived rocking head-to-toe Versace. Her gown to be skintight and totally sheer, while embellished in dazzling crystals. The bodice that the dress featured a plunging neckline that verified off enormous cleavage, if the bottom fifty percent of the gown showed off she bare legs, before flowing into a gigantic fluffy purple feather hem. The sleeves that the dress were additionally made increase of large purple feather sleeves, while she hair was done in a lavender, long straight wig to enhance her look.

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Aside from the Met Gala, there were a bunch the movie premieres and events the the stars turned up for and also we rounded up the ideal dressed of the week. Halle Berry, 52, looked ageless at the John Wick: thing 3 human being premiere at One Hanson place on may 9, in NYC, once she donned a skintight black Cushnie Pre-Fall 2019 jumpsuit. The sleeveless jumpsuit hugged Halle’s toned human body perfectly, if the bodice of the one-piece featured a thin mesh dashboard that proved off massive cleavage underneath. When the whole outfit to be super tight, the foot flared the end at the hems, and also Halle topped her sexy look at off with jewelry by EFFY and also Sara Weinstock.

Priyanka Chopra, 36, choose to wear fairly a vivid look this week when she showed up on the Today Show in NYC on might 8. Priyanka choose to undertake a skintight bright imperial blue Chiara Boni jumpsuit which had actually a plunging neckline showing off part cleavage, while the neckline and also shoulders featured a ruffle cape. She topped she look off with a pair of pointy-toed satin dark blue pumps and called it a day.

Halle Berry looked ageless in ~ the man Wick: chapter 3 world premiere in NYC on may 9, when she wore a skintight black color Cushnie Pre-Fall 2019 jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, paired with jewelry by EFFY and Sara Weinstock. (Evan Agostini/Shutterstock)

Some the our other favorite watch this week came from Emma Stone, 30, who looked gorgeous in ~ the luigi Vuitton 2020 Cruise show at the TWA Flight center at john F. Kennedy worldwide airport, in new York, on might 8.

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Emma looked advanced in she chic Louis Vuitton ensemble i beg your pardon featured super high-waisted, white satin, skinny foot trousers, cinching in her tiny waist v a thick black belt special a gigantic silver square medallion ~ above the front. Tucked right into her baggy pants was a silk emerald eco-friendly long-sleeve turtleneck blouse, together she accessorized v a pair that simple, pointy-toed black color leather pumps, and also a black and white chain purse.Click with the gallery above to watch all ten that the best dressed celebrities that the week!