I"m simply hangin out...I"m just hangin out...I"m mainly recognized for the unstable rapsBut youngsters steal mine lyrics choose hubcapsAnd eat em choose stacks that flapjacks prefer rugratsHEY and I acquire busy over unknown trapsWhile the next guy flaps his lids favor ParkayI"m expert in the field so on slide to the sideI make a rapper cry reason I can acquire some shuteyeWhile he"s havin hard times writin rhymesSo the gnaws on mine metaphors and dines on mine linesWhich is the reason why I favor to hang the end andHustle through my friends, to obtain away native pensAnd copiers, for this reason I"m na boundTo check Drew, a.k.a. Dr. Butcher and what"s goin downAnd Joe with the Jetta, enables us come get about townHe"s a clownOther 보다 that I"m through Joe, and BurglesWatchin old black color Caesar flicks for kicksJump in the Wagoner we"re outta right here without an idea whereBut commonly we wind up thereI walk over K-Cut"s block reason raw cut is what that blendsCheck it, and also I choose to cave out, and also hustle v my friends...Yo, I"m just hangin out...With mine friendsI"m just hangin out...And i be increase in Mt. Vernon, piecein, v CL Smooth and Pete RockMakin beats that"s sharper than cleatsWith mine Griffy Grif from the Cafe black color prosCheckin out videosAnd ns speak with my male Rob LeakOn the difficulties of the weak dumb and meek mine man"s deepLike the child from the named the rapper NasMe and also Che collection money in barsAnd ns run v discotheques like soundRoyal wealthy is profound, yellin free James BrownWe sirloin through, approximately the discotheque andHustle increase a storm in a swarm prefer we purchase a farmNobody can obtain with the whereaboutCause we"re the end to shuffle lock feetWithout a zero of a doubtFrom Flushing to the roadways of new York in factFreshly dipped off the wack, however not come pan grackIn the apartment obtained plans because that the nightEverything"s right, takin the lightPreparin for the best Tiffany"s to it is in inAnd daily seems prefer a work from the weekendThe swimming pool that never ends(Yo the scientific research is the Powerhouse tonight babyWord I"m v thatAlways the PowerhouseNah yet ain"t nuthin at your house!I choose my house!)And I like to hang out and also hustle v my friends*Conversation proceeds

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CreditsWriter(s): Clarke Mc Kenzie Kevin, Mc Kenzie Shawn, Mitchell william PaulLyrics it is provided by www.musixmatch.comLink

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