The One Direction casanova has actually been photographed kissing bandmate luigi Tomlinson. However he's obtained a an excellent explanation for it...

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One Direction's bother Styles, 19, looked very awkward throughout an interview through Australian Sunrise moderator Samantha Armytage, 36, as soon as she showed him a photo of him kissing his bandmate, luigi Tomlinson, 21.

Samantha, that recently asserted she rejected harry after the made a move, proved Harry and also his bandmates, Liam Payne and Niall Horan, both 20, the alleged photograph. And, because that once, the 1D young was shed for words.

Yup, upon see the photo, the well known loverat - who has actually been attached with Caroline Flack, Alexa Chung and also Taylor Swift - looked hopelessly bewildered.

However, after pulling self together, bother insisted: "That is Photoshopped. There was a lady in there."

Thankfully Liam, that noticed harry struggling to princetoneclub.orgmment,quickly leapt come the rescue of his friend.

"They've actually done this to me and Niall as well. As soon as somebody's in the middle, they just take the person out from the middle. It's really clever actually."

It is, yes. Samantha, after ~ hearing Liam's explanation, again asked: “There’s nothing walk on?”

But, before Harry princetoneclub.orguld reply, Liam jokingly replied: "Nah, it's simply me and Niall,” before raising one eyebrow to the camera.

Check the end the azer interview for yourself:

Oh Liam, girlfriend scamp.

Louis Tomlinson has actually been rumoured to be proposing come his Doncaster sweetheart of two years, Eleanor Calder, which must hush the claims.

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Samantha Armytage additionally recently allow slip that Harry had been flirting with her, supposedly inviting she to a round of golf, come which she rejected:

"There was a lot of flirting from him… the did invite me for a ring of golf."

The flattered presenter added: “I'm old enough to be his mother.”

One Direction, who were X element 2010 jogger Up winners, are in the fight to be part of the optimal 10 worldwide finalists in the bid to success MTV’s Best worldwide Act.

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