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In Google Docs, you deserve to create and customize multilevel perform in your document with ease. You can layout your lists v bullets, numbers, or even alphabetized them. Let’s take it a look in ~ the process.

How to produce a Multilevel List

Fire increase a browser, head to your Google Docs homepage, and also open a brand-new document.

It’s effortless to produce a multilevel perform in Google Docs. All you have to do is type on a heat to start your list, press enter after the an initial item to begin a brand-new line, kind the next item on your list, and also so on. When you’ve typed every the item on her list, highlight all the lines.

Next, click layout > Bullets & numbering > Numbered List, and then pick a formatting layout from the list.

For this guide, we’ll use a numbered list. If you favor a “Bulleted List,” pick that instead.

Your list is formatted in the format you chose.


While this is a single-level list, the procedure to create a multilevel perform in Docs isn’t much different. As soon as you start to demote and also promote items, that’s once it i do not care a true multilevel list.

Demote and Promote present in your Multilevel List

Demoting a line indents an object to a reduced list level under the previous item, and promoting an item does the opposite.

To demote an item, location your cursor in ~ the start of the line.

Next, press Tab come send the item to the lower list level.

If you want to demote an item an ext than as soon as down a line, continue to press Tab. You deserve to demote an item up to eight times. In ours example, we demoted the third line in our perform twice.

Repeat the actions until you’re satisfied through your multilevel list.


If you want to encourage a line (move it increase one level), you deserve to use a key-board shortcut. Ar the cursor in ~ the start of the line, and also then push Shift+Tab.

You can use this method on multiple currently simultaneously. First, highlight the currently in the perform you desire to promote.

Next, fight Tab or Shift+Tab come demote or promote the list items.

How to change the layout of a Multilevel List

If you desire to readjust the simple format of your multilevel list, it’s simple! If friend initially decided a numbered list, but decide you desire a bulleted list, it’s no problem! It just takes a couple of seconds to readjust from one format to another.

Place the cursor everywhere in the list, click the Bulleted list (or Numbered list) icon, and also then select a style from the drop-down menu.

Just favor that, the totality list alters to the brand-new style girlfriend selected.

How come Customize a Multilevel List

While the level of customization in Google Docs pales in comparison come Microsoft Word, you have the right to use colors and unique bullets to personalize your multilevel lists.


If you want to include some color, to mark a line in your multilevel list.

Next, click the Text color icon in the toolbar and choose a shade from the palette.

Repeat this step for every line you want to make more vibrant.

You can likewise customize every bullet in your list with a symbol, distinct character, emoji, or anything else available in the Google Docs special character list.

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To carry out so, double-click the cartridge or number you want to change, and also then right-click it to open up the context menu. Friend can pick from a couple of options in the context food selection or click “More Bullets” to watch the complete list of special characters.


Click the second drop-down food selection to select a category. There are a lot, so be all set to invest some time browsing.

Click the 3rd drop-down menu to refine the personalities even further.

Once you’ve liked the categories, click the personality you want to point out it together the new bullet.

An alert clock is a ridiculous selection for a bullet, however you can select anything you want.

Repeat this process for each bullet you want to change until you’re satisfied through your multilevel list.

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These custom bullets act as the new style for her list. At any time you promote or demote one item, that will carry out so with the present level’s cartridge (provided you’ve chosen one for the level).

That’s all there is to it!

Brady GavinBrady Gavin has actually been immersed in technology for 15 years and has composed over 150 detailed tutorials and also explainers. He"s covered every little thing from windows 10 registry hacking to Chrome browser tips. Brady has actually a diploma in computer system Science native Camosun college in Victoria, BC. Read full Bio »