Sensitive Data Shield scans and also protects your personal sensitive documents against unauthorized access and malware. The files taken into consideration as perceptible contain your an individual information which, if revealed, could compromise her privacy and also identity. Sensitive Data Shield controls i beg your pardon applications and also users have accessibility to your papers to certain your personal data.

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Scanning for sensitive Data

open the small Office security UI Click Privacy, then Sensitive Data Shield Click Scan perceptible Documents

Reviewing Scan Results

After scanning, sensitive Data Shield displays review of sensitive files that were found on her PC. Files are sorted right into several categories, together as:

Tax records Payroll papers Employment documents airplane tickets Travel records

These records may contain your an individual data. If malware or hackers strike your PC and also get accessibility to these documents, your identity could be stolen and also misused. To protect your sensitive data, choose the inspect boxes next to the document(s) and also click Protect All, then Done. Her sensitive data files will climate be protected. If any untrusted application, malware, or user that is not logged right into your windows account do the efforts to accessibility your defended files, sensitive Data Shield blocks access or prompts you to check if the access attempt should be blocked.

Sensitive Data Shield Settings


You can access these setups by click Menu ▸ Settings, climate navigating come Privacy ▸ sensitive Data Shield.

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Restrict paper access come this windows account: prevents anyone logged in to other Windows account on the same machine from opening documents defended by this Shield

Adding allowed and blocked Applications

Navigate come Menu ▸ Settings, climate navigating to General ▸ Blocked & Allowed AppsAlternatively, you deserve to click View permitted / clogged apps top top the Privacy ▸ Sensitive Data Shield web page Do among the following:To block an app, click Block App, then pick the app from the perform or click Select application Path and browse come the applications .exeTo enable an app, click Allow App, then select the application from the list or click Select app Path and browse to the application .exe Click Add

You have the right to edit any item in these lists by clicking the 3 dots beside the applications in the list and also selecting either Change blocked features or Remove.