While vacations space exciting and rewarding, plan them have the right to sometimes be stressful. You need to arrange for time off, pack, plan what you desire to do, where to stay, how to obtain there—the list can seem endless sometimes, also if you’re no traveling far! If you planning a trip from Philadelphia come the Poconos, we’ve done the study on transport for you. Listed below are the finest ways to obtain from Philadelphia to the Poconos!

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How to take trip From Philadelphia come the Poconos

If you’re looking to make a weekend getaway from Philadelphia or spring to get away native the city there is no traveling far, the Poconos space a great destination. The distance between the Philadelphia and also the Poconos is just over 100 miles, making it a relatively short trip. Despite the reasonably short distance, the Poconos deserve to seem choose an entirely various world—in ar of busy, loud streets and tall buildings there space pristine natural atmospheres filled v gorgeous trees, rivers, lakes, and also views. So, what is the best means to acquire from Philadelphia come the Poconos?

By Car

A automobile is the fastest way to gain to the Poconos native Philadelphia, as it takes simply under two hrs if you drive nonstop. If your car is fuel efficient, this may likewise be the cheapest option.

If girlfriend don’t have a vehicle or don’t desire to journey yours, friend can additionally use Uber, Lyft, or a similar service. The prices for these services can range, yet generally, this simple route costs roughly $140.

The most direct route is to take Interstate 76 West, which it s okay you many of the means there—about one hour and also a half. Relying on where you want to walk in the Poconos, you’ll then want to leave 76 West for Interstate 476 or federal government 80.

Along the way, keep your eye out for the earliest still-operating drive-in movie theatre in America, Shankweiler’s! It’s simply off I-476 and also has remained in operation since 1934. If you acquire hungry or desire to stop for a tiny while to rest your eyes and also stretch your legs, protect against by the nation View Diner and also Family Restaurant in Lehighton! You deserve to expect delicious lull food and also friendly business at this no-frills, laid-back eatery.

By Bus

Greyhound uses bus trips the run directly from Philadelphia to Mt Pocono that take around three and also a half hours, depending upon traffic and also the variety of stops the bus makes. Martz Trailways additionally has a path that deserve to take friend from Philadelphia come Mt Pocono. This route calls for one bus transfer, and also it takes about four and a fifty percent hours. Bus tickets often tend to run around $40 one way, however this price is, of course, subject to change.

It is technically feasible to reach the Poconos native Philadelphia via plane, however it isn’t advisable as it would be far much more expensive, take lot longer, and also be much more complicated.

Stay at Mountaintop Lodge

Make our inviting lodge your home base throughout your remain in the Poconos, and also you’re certain to have actually a be safe vacation. You will do it be close to all the finest things to execute in the Poconos when still enjoy it a quiet retreat. Our warm quarters provide a calm ar to unwind and also escape from fast-paced city life for a while. Each suite is decorated simply, featuring just what you need to recharge—luxurious beds fitted with Comphy linens, private bathrooms stocked with lemongrass bathtub products, and windows to let in too many of herbal light.

If you’re trying to find entertainment yet don’t want to go out, there is much to carry out on our grounds. Protect against by the coffee shop the is attached to our lodge, or be safe on our large porch.

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Just down the road, you’ll uncover Lake Naomi Club—a Platinum rated society featuring every kinds the outdoor and also indoor recreation. You generally need to it is in a member to enjoy their amenities, yet as a guest that Mountaintop Lodge, access to Lake Naomi society is complimentary! You’ll also enjoy a delicious cost-free breakfast each morning.

What space you waiting for? her relaxing holidays in the Poconos awaits you! Be certain to browse all our accommodations, and book your stay at Mountaintop Lodge today!

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