I have been researching for a pair of months currently, using Wendell Odom"s ICND1 book, I have actually around 400 pages to go, I"ve been taking it slow-moving and taking most notes.

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My employer has purchased Boson NetSim for me, so I"ve been utilizing that also.

I simply feel like tright here is a lot of information to soak up in this book. What perform I really should focus on via the CCENT, besides subnetting?


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I can not say for certain, I simply finimelted a Cisco network Academy class however they focused a lot on making certain we knew command to carry out initial setup for switches and also rexternal.


Depends, if you are acquainted with netjob-related and have actually some hands on, it"s sensibly basic. If you are brand brand-new, it could be fairly difficult.

Have you looked right into the Net+ , I want to say they are about the same level.



Go to Cisco.com and grab the certification outline. Those are the topics you have to recognize. 

If you can go through those topics, and also recite indevelopment about them including all concept and also configuration, then you recognize it.

Take something like subnetting. Can you explain binary, the subnetting procedure, and also then implement a subnetting scheme?

In the grand plan of things, CCENT is not a daunting exam. But, all points considered, if this is your initially Cisco exam, then yes, suppose it to be stressful. Once you"ve passed that, relocate on to CCNA, then re-evaluate what you assumed of CCENT.

Good luck and excellent studying!

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Thai Pepper
Christopher6322 Mar 14, 2016 at 19:58 UTC

Neally provides a good allude. Network+ would certainly be on the same level, theory-wise.

I"d compare Network+ though to CCNA. However before, CCNA is more complicated bereason of all of the commands that you must know.

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Mar 14, 2016 at 20:07 UTC

I have neither tried or all set for it yet i"m certain it will depfinish on exactly how much understanding you have actually in networking and via Cisco products.

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Mar 14, 2016 at 20:08 UTC

Whelton Netjob-related Solutions is an IT organization provider.

As tough as you want to make it!

Go with the Exam topics as Chris sassist, here is the link https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/training-events/exams/docs/100-101_icnd1.pdf

Cybrary have actually a totally free CCNA course that you might desire to desire, the site is cost-free to register and also use! https://www.cybrary.it/

If you"re really seriously, I would certainly imply you take out a subscription to CBT Nuggets https://www.cbtnuggets.com/ as they have some fantastic courses pertained to this: https://www.cbtnuggets.com/search?q=CCENT

YouTube is an additional exceptional resource, usage it!

When you understand also exam topic and feel comfortable, more to an additional,

The best item of advice I deserve to offer is ensure you execute understand them, if you don"t, ask on right here, we will certainly aid, the Cisco Learning Network-related is also worth a visit and also registering https://learningnetjob-related.cisco.com/welcome.

The more you understand these base topics, the much easier all future netjob-related subject will certainly be. I would certainly seriously indicate you put the tough work-related in now!

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Thai Pepper
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Mar 14, 2016 at 20:30 UTC

I personally uncovered the CCENT harder than the CCNA R&S exam. It just felt choose they were trying to squeeze so much indevelopment in to one exam. Subnet, subnet, subnet and what Brian said also.

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Pure Capsaicin
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Mar 14, 2016 at 21:38 UTC

You are at the splitting line in between a experienced and also a tinkerer.

Anyone deserve to sit at a GUI and also pull down menus and "try stuff" till something similar to what they desire to take place occurs. In the same means, anyone deserve to cobble together a bunch of netjob-related switches and also call it a netoccupational. And it could occupational. Mostly.

But the difference in between the tinkerer and also the expert is in the details. The Pro understands exactly how things job-related. The Pro wants to recognize how it functions.

That"s the difference in between actually finding out the abilities and just asking what is the minimum you have to do to get by.

Discover the product. All of it. And then the CCENT test will certainly seem easy.

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Mar 14, 2016 at 22:22 UTC

i simply took the exam on saturday and also i missed the minimum passing score by 3 points. All i deserve to say is really focus and studying up on subnetting.

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Kelly for New Horizons Mar 15, 2016 at 13:33 UTC

Brand also Representative for New Horizons

Hi Ricky – With preparing for the CCENT certification exam, we have our students learn exactly how to install, run, connumber, and also verify an easy IPv4 and IPv6 network, including configuring a LAN switch, configuring an IP rexternal, connecting to a WAN, and also identifying fundamental security hazards.

If you feel that self-examine is a little as well overwhelming, I’d certainly suggest taking a look at our CCENT program. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of NH Computer Learning courses are taught by experienced, Cisco-certified instructors. This means you are obtaining the most as much as date indevelopment to apply to genuine instances.

If you have any kind of various other questions about the CCENT certification or anything else, let me know!


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