Last minute flight deals from new York to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too so late to book a trip. This is our pick of the ideal last minute flights.

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Direct flights from brand-new York come Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

Want to fly non-stop come Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson? We’ll help you find your right route.

Southwest Airlines



COVID-19 travel constraints are transforming fast, yet we're here to aid you discover the advice friend need. Inspect our live web page on travel constraints to see if you can travel from new York to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, and if you'll must quarantine on arrival.
There space 3 airports in Atlanta: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta De Kalb / Peachtree and Atlanta Fulton County.
The best price discovered on for a flight from brand-new York to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is $42. This was found by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price for the whole month.

Cheap flight Information from new York to Atlanta

Average trip TimeDeparture AirportDestination AirportDirect AirlineMinimum Round-Trip Ticket Price*
2 hours and 11 minutes
LaGuardia Airport, john F. Kennedy worldwide Airport
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson worldwide Airport
Delta, soul Airlines, American Airlines, jetBlue

Cheap Flights from new York to Atlanta


Flight Frequency

Average trip Price*

Ticket Search


7 days a week



Spirit Airlines

7 job a week



American Airlines

7 job a week




7 work a week



*Round Trip flight prices were found at time that posting and are subject to change. Be certain to perform a trip search to examine most current prices.

Flights native NYC come ATL: generally Asked Questions

What Airports can I Depart from in NYC?

All 3 of the significant airports in NYC are very easy to navigate and offer non-stop flights under to Atlanta. Depending on what airline you space flying with, you can depart from john F. Kennedy worldwide Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty international Airport (EWR), or LaGuardia plane (LGA).

What must I Expect as soon as Landing at ATL?

Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world and offers an efficient layout the will acquire you off to your final location quickly. It is located approximately seven miles from downtown Atlanta. The baggage claim area is situated in the arrivals terminal - right near the picturesque atrium. When you have actually your bags, you can head end to the ground transportation section.

What airlines Fly Non-Stop indigenous NYC to ATL?

You have several different alternatives when it concerns airliners. Delta stands out the many as supplying a wide range of reserved flights. Friend can likewise book a flight with the complying with airlines:

Spirit AirlinesAmerican AirlinesFrontier AirlinesjetBlue

How early Should ns Arrive because that My flight from NYC come ATL?

TSA recommends that you always arrive for her scheduled trip at the very least two hours early, no matter where you are going. This will certainly ensure friend have sufficient time to obtain through plane security and also to your gate in sufficient time to record your airplane.

Are There any kind of Notable Attractions in Atlanta that i should examine Out?

Yes! Atlanta is complete of diversity and also it is evident in the overall culture of the city. If you room in town, be sure to struggle these funny attractions:

World of Coca-ColaCentennial Olympic ParkHigh Museum that ArtMartin Luther King Jr. Historic SiteAtlanta factory GardenCNN Center

New York City is a substantial melting pot that brings civilization from plenty of diverse backgrounds right into one bustling and sprawling metropolis. The society in each of the city’s 5 boroughs is distinct and unique; Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and also Staten Island space all recognized for various things, yet they come with each other to form one of the world most significant areas.

Atlanta is 1 hour and also 30 minutes to the southern by plane, a trip that follow me 746 miles down the eastern coastline. Direct flights from new York come Atlanta are available from this carriers: AirTran Airways, American Airlines, and Delta wait Lines.


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Before you deserve to see the gorgeous southern sights available by Georgia’s capital, girlfriend will need to very first make your way to either john F. Kennedy or LaGuardia International Airports Both the these new York airports are located in Queens, yet JFK operates in ~ approximately double the capacity.

Together, these two airfields transfer over 75 million foreign and also domestic passengers to and also from NYC, and also are integral parts of the united States’ 2nd largest airport system. While jam is less rampant in ~ LaGuardia, the facility is not almost as streamlined and also up-to-date as its bigger counterpart.


Out of the Gates: an Adventure in The door City

No city to represent the American South better than Atlanta; transporting a distinctive blend the old world, historic charm v modern, upbeat flair, ATL is the definite place to be because that fun and entertainment. While no as huge as new York, its 3 stunning skylines plainly provide much to see and also do because that the adventurous tourist!

Atlanta is also a prime spot because that foodies come congregate, as confirmed by its diversity of world-class restaurants scattered transparent the city. In addition to its society of food, tourist may capture a glimpse of a few celebrities as several significant television mirrors (such as The walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries) shoot routinely in Atlanta.

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Fox Theatre, the Atlanta botanical Garden, Piedmont Park, Turner Field, High Museum of Art, and also the Cobb energy Performing arts Centre room all famed local attractions to avoid by and also check out. is excited to announce ours award-winning airfare compare search engine. You can now discover cheap flights from new York come Atlanta within seconds!