A mainline Kingdom Hearts video game averages at approximately 30 hours, yet the franchise"s side gamings are all over the ar when it involves play time.

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having Kingdom understanding II be the 2nd to last longest main campaign in the collection makes sense. In ~ the time, the team at Square Enix to be hungry come improve everything that no quite work-related in the initial release. Therefore the gameplay was much more fluid, the graphics were better, and overall it was just a larger adventure. Thirty-two hours may not seem like that lot longer contrasted to the original’s, however there is much more to KHII than the campaign.


3 Shortest: Kingdom understanding Re:coded (16 Hours)

over there isn’t much to say around this. An ext so than the other DS spinoff, Re:coded is something conveniently skippable. The HD remasters turned the relevant parts into a movie. The just an additional rehash of the first Kingdom Hearts, yet without the charm. For completionists wishing to play every title, it have to be listed it’ll just take around sixteen hrs to beat.

2 Longest: Kingdom Hearts: Union X (99+ Hours)

This game potentially has endless hours in it. That’s par for the course because that a mobile video game so it do not do it be that surprising.

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and also with the new Xehanort chapter developed right in, the journey is also longer now. Union X has common mobile video game gacha tactics, yet it is also vital to the series lore. Everyone has a phone so chip far at it bit by bit.


1 Shortest: Kingdom understanding 0.2: bear By Sleep - A Fragmentary passage (3 Hours)

This was a prologue contained in the Kingdom understanding HD 2.8 collection. Regardless of the lengthy winded name of this entry, this “game” is anything but. It complies with Aqua with her journey into darkness. In ~ most, it will take 3 to four hours to gain everything, yet it can easily be completed at fifty percent that speed.

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The Owl residence Only has Six hours Left and also My love Is already Broken The story that Luz Noceda and also The Boiling isles will more than far too soon.

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