There have actually been about 7.5 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK and also 135,000 civilization have died, government figures show.

However, these figures encompass only people who have passed away within 28 job of trial and error positive for coronavirus.

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So far, much more than 89% of world aged 16 and also over in the UK have had their an initial dose of a coronavirus vaccine and almost 82% have had their second.



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How countless cases, vaccinations and deaths in mine area?

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Source: NHS England, Public health Wales, Public health Scotland, dashboard. Wales update weekly. England, Scotland and also Northern Ireland updated weekdays.
What carry out these charts show?

Cases are civilization who have tested hopeful for coronavirus. Public health and wellness bodies might occasionally review their situation numbers increase or down. Case rate by age only available for England. *The “average area” method the center ranking board of directors or local government district once ranked by situations per 100,000 people. The case rate chart shows exactly how many world have tested hopeful each day for every 100,000 human being in that area. The dark blue line shows the average everyday rate over the previous seven days. This average helps to display whether cases are rising or falling. The instance rate by age chart shows just how many world have tested positive in each age group every 100,000 people. Steeper rises in older period groups are of more concern due to the fact that older world are much more likely to it is in badly influenced by the virus and are much more likely to need hospital care. The situation rate by period shows a rate. This method the values for the two period groups can not be added together to obtain the in its entirety case price in each area. Source: UK public health bodies - update weekdays.
Vaccines space data for an initial and 2nd doses. England, Scotland and Wales data is by regional authority, north Ireland is nationwide data. In Scotland and also Northern Ireland the percentages room calculated utilizing the many recent mid-year population estimates native the nationwide statistics agencies. In England the percentages space calculated using the number of people on the nationwide Immunisation Management company (NIMS) database. Percentages in Wales use data native the Welsh Immunisation System. These data include people who have an NHS number and are currently alive. Locations will have different demographics which will impact how many people have been vaccinated. Caution need to be taken once comparing areas. Source: UK public wellness bodies, dashboard - England, Scotland and Northern Ireland data update weekdays, Wales data to update weekly.
Deaths are where COVID-19 was discussed on the death certificate. The chart shows the number of deaths tape-recorded each week every 100,000 world in that area. Covid deaths space in red, other deaths space in grey. The average is the monthly mean of deaths in the last 5 years between 2014-2019. This median will proceed to be used in 2021. Recording of deaths over Christmas and new Year was affected by the bank holidays - trends have to be treated through caution. Source: ONS, NRS and NISRA - data updated weekly.

After falling in ~ the finish of July, the average variety of daily confirmed instances climbed again in August and early September but have began to ease turn off again.

The recent spikes have been thrust by the Delta variant, i beg your pardon spreads quicker than the formerly most typical Kent variant (now named Alpha).

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has actually said the virus \"still remains a risk\" yet that he to be \"confident we can protect the profit we've made together\".

It is thought the infection rate in the very first peak of the virus in spring last year to be much greater than was evident from the reported variety of cases. Trial and error capacity was then too minimal to recognize the true number of daily cases.

The red locations on the map listed below show the places at this time seeing the highest variety of cases per 100,000 people.