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How much is My LoL Account Worth?

Having built up a whopping 32.5 million players because its release, Organization of Legends has actually set an impressively high conventional in the field of multiplayer fight arena games. That"s why gamers all around the civilization are constantly trading for LoL accounts. But prior to you jump head-initially right into a transactivity, it"s necessary that you obtain a specific appraisal of what is the League account worth - be it in the situation of buying or offering. With our handy Organization of Legends account calculator, you won"t have to stress and anxiety over the possibility of not gaining the ideal value for your money.

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Here"s a look at just how the convenient calculator works!


First points first! Player ranking is the main consideration the Account Value Calculator will look at to determine an account"s all at once worth. Like an ever-increasing crescenexecute, an account"s value will go up just as its rank does from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, right as much as the Diamond level.


Being a worldwide phenomenon that has actually countless energetic players, the game renders use of multiple servers to accommoday the sheer volume of users. Our LoL Account Calculator takes server choice into account to carry out as close an estimate as feasible for pricing.

Among the optimal servers in LoL are the following:

EUNE (Europe Nordic & East) - Located in Frankfurt, Germany kind of, this server has actually the finest network facilities, making it the height server alternative. It is a multilingual server through players speaking English, Greek, Polish, and Romanian.NA (North America) - Operating out of Chicago, the NA server is just one of the earliest ones in LoL and continues to be among the the majority of well-known in the game.CN (China) - Hosting around 650,000 players, the CN server is conveniently the many inhabited of all. Note, but, that it isn"t presently feasible to transfer to CN from any type of other server.KR (Korea) - Purchasing an account in the Oriental server is quite tough as players require a SIN which is used to manage internet accessibility for players below 18 years of age.

# of Champions

Players that are looking to purchase LoL accounts have to intend to shell out even more for ones via multiple champions. The more an account has actually of these champions, the better worth it will command also once our nifty Value Calculator tallies up the numbers. Just the exact same, sellers will certainly have the ability to fetch much better prices for their accounts have to they have actually more champions.

# of Skins

In-game customization has constantly been a significant component of online gaming. That"s why accounts through many skin choices are sure to rack up more in terms of overall worth. The ever-dependable Account Value Calculator will take this right into consideration and also gives a calculation in accordance with previous offers.

Influence Points

Being one of the primary currencies used in Organization of Legends, Influence Points are likewise a metric through which the Account Calculator evaluates an LoL account value. The mere reality that IP gathered counts on a Summoner"s performance says a lot around an account owner - the greater the affect points, the loftier the price tag.

Riot Points

Yet an additional of the main currencies in League of Legends, Riot Points can be used by players to unlock content on LoL. Naturally, accounts that have an abundance of this in-game reresource will be much even more in demand also and, as such, be much more expensive.

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Rune Pages

Last however not leastern among the criteria that the Account Value Calculator takes into consideration are Rune Pages. This system enables players the deluxe of tailoring their champions. As customization have the right to play a significant part in an account"s vicapacity, the much better the rune peras an account has, the even more it will certainly expense.

By entering an account"s stats for all these categories, our LoL Account Value Calculator will conveniently gauge its net worth for you. This method, you can obtain as hocolony a pricing as possible before you make either a sale or purchase. looks out for your best interest - in even more ways than one!