The UAE is hosting its an initial influencer combat event, “Social knockout ”, arranged by TK hit Nights in collaboration with Dubai sporting activities Council, through boxing debut by Emirati Influencer Rashed Saif Belhasa.

The nineteen-year-old YouTube star, far better known by his countless fans as Money Kicks, has been training with his trainer and also promoter, Tam Khan, at TK MMA & Fitness because that the past few months. Alongside Belhasa, worldwide YouTube emotion Adam Saleh will also make his debut in the middle East.

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“Preparing because that this fight is the hardest point I have ever had to do,” Belhasa said. “They press me to my border at TK; I have actually never had actually to train so hard, however it will all be precious it. ”

“Rash is young, enthusiastic and also full of energy. His boxing improves exponentially every day; that is talented and also I am certain he will give his pan a an excellent show, ”said Tam Khan, CEO of“Social knockout ”, organized under the banner of TK fight Nights, and also the founder of the TK brand.

Fans deserve to expect come watch up to ten show matches in ~ night, whether in human or via live broadcasts the the matches, which will certainly be streamed online on the TK Fights website. The event has already attracted the fist of countless celebrities, v rappers Fat Joe and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie confirming the they will be performing at the event and also Indian singer, songwriter and also composer Guru Randhawa.

In an unprecedented move, the occasion plans come run entirely on cryptocurrency transactions.

“This is a league that is unlike any kind of other in the world. We are starting things off v a bang and we space proud to it is in the very first to usage cryptocurrency only for our transactions, i beg your pardon is in line through the government’s directive to make Dubai a top digital economy and an alternative for all sporting activities enthusiasts, ”he said. Khan.

He added: “Dubai has constantly been in ~ the forefront of adapting to the latest advancements in technology and hosting the best sporting events, for this reason it renders sense for the next breakthroughs in both of these sectors to occur here.”

Organizers use KoKoSwap tokens as transactions for every event-related purchases, including photographs auctioned as non-fungible tokens (NFT). “Fans will be able to take this unique experience with them v NFTs in ~ night, which will let them very own a part of the story,” khan said.

Prior to the match night, pan will additionally have the chance to watch their favourite fighters in ~ a variety of events, such as weighing, Q&A because that fighter jets, a publicly training session and also off-off.

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