that wasn’t always easy to change your playstations Network (PSN) account name. Actually, it wasn’t until April 2019 the Sony allowed account holders to perform it in ~ all. Now, each account is enabled to change their username once for free. Any changes after the come in ~ a cost: $4.99 if she a PlayStation add to subscriber, or $9.99 for anyone else.

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Whether did you do it outgrown your username or you simply want to readjust it, we’re going to walk you through the process. However, there space a pair of warnings to run v first.

If you mostly play newer gamings (specifically, gamings released ~ April 1st, 2018), Sony claims that you do not do it encounter many, if any, problems with the username readjust since those gamings were emerged to support this feature. However if you still enjoy gamings from the PS4’s earlier years, that’s an additional story. Sony has developed a perform of gamings with known problems that you could encounter if you change your username.

Right prior to you change your name, Sony will prompt friend with numerous ways that few of your precious game save data can be affected, even if it is it’s stored locally or in the cloud:

Your previous digital ID might remain clearly shows to you and also other football player in some areasYou may lose progress within games, including game saved data, leaderboard data, and progress toward TrophiesParts of her game and applications may not role properly both online and offlineYou may lose access to contents (including paid-for content) that you might have gained for your games, including content choose add-ons and also virtual currency

If you’re still up for transforming your username, here’s exactly how to carry out it:

Using a web browser

prior to you can proceed, Sony will raise those warnings provided above. Struggle “I Accept” if you want to save going.
over there are much more warnings ~ above the next step. Sony notifies you that if you conference issues, you deserve to revert the adjust and reclaim your old username. However, it also warns the doing so may not deal with problems, have to they arise. In other words, yes sir a opportunity that other will get messed up. If you’re cool with the risk, move forward.

Using a playstation 4

On your PS4’s key dashboard, navigate come “Settings” and also select that Scroll v the list till you uncover the “Account Management” option. Click on that, then pick “Account Information” > “Profile” > “Online ID.”You’ll see the very same warnings that Sony screens to web browser users before enabling a username changeAfter accepting these warnings, you can go into a brand-new username

How execute I acquire my old username back?

According to Sony, you can revert come an enlarge username for complimentary by contacting the PlayStation support team. They’re easily accessible by call on weekdays between the hours of 6AM and 6PM PT and by virtual chat ~ above weekdays indigenous 6AM come 10PM PT and also on but on the weekend from 7AM to 8PM PT.

As I mentioned earlier, remember the Sony no guarantee the going earlier to your old username will certainly fix any problems you can have encountered through the brand-new username.

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